Anger is a special emotion

Anger is a special emotion. It can create a wall in your life or it can create a bridge. The choice is yours.

By letting anger create a wall that blocks out questions and new perspectives you imprison yourself. The darkness you are experiencing gets deeper and you sink into lower and lower emotions resulting in the wall getting higher, thicker, and more impenetrable.

By letting anger create a bridge you let go of the tight hold you have on strong beliefs and open yourself to new perspectives and new truths. As you cross the bridge you leave anger behind, taking steps deeply into courage. As you bravely let new truths enter your life your emotions acknowledge and reinforce your choice and you begin to feel stronger, clearer, and more free.

What do you let anger create in your life? A wall or a bridge?

What do you allow into your mind?

The information you allow into your mind, what you allow your mind to believe, and what you judge as a result of your mind’s beliefs becomes your view of the world. Eventually it becomes your reality because your mind has been trained to only see and hear what matches those beliefs.

And then you live an ever changing roller coaster of a life, being dragged up and down and sideways emotionally at the whim of the next bit of information you allow into your mind.

What information are you allowing into your mind?
What beliefs are you allowing to be created in your mind?
What judgements are being made in your mind because of those beliefs?

Is this the reality you wish to create for yourself?

Are you ready to get off the never-ending emotional roller coaster and create a different reality?