One of the challenges I have experienced in life is inertia – the inability to get things moving.  Sometimes it is the inability to get going on a fitness regimen.  Sometimes it is a new business idea that sounds great but I can’t seem to start.  Once it was not applying for the position of Manager of Training at a tiny startup company in the early 1990’s called “”.

Inertia has taught me a lot of lessons.  The most important has been that I am my own worst enemy. My beliefs, values, judgements, fears, hurts, and hopes all get in the way of me “being” and “doing” the way I really want to in life.

Over the last few years, I have had experiences and lessons that have helped me clear many of these mental patterns.  People have come into my life who have guided me lovingly to see things differently.  Wonderful tools for creating  new ways of thinking, being, and doing have been gently offered.  And thankfully, I have learned enough humility to go along with the experiences and lessons, listen to those who shared different perspectives, and use the tools offered.  I am a very different person than I was a year ago. And almost unrecognizable to the one I was 5 years ago.

Which brought me recently to a point where I questioned who I am, what I wish to be and do in life right now, and how I wish to be and do those things.

The answers came clearly and swiftly (now that I wasn’t blocking them with my mental gunk):

I am ready to move beyond inertia.  I am ready to “be” more often in every moment.  I am ready to go about in the world with passion, purpose, and fresh goals. All from a place of clarity, freedom, and trust.

Small steps…

Not all of what I am going to do in the coming years is clear.  But some immediate smaller steps are certain.  Here’s one:

My students are starting a project where they have to create and run an international micro-business in 4 weeks.  I will do the same project, and in doing so, lead by example.  A new Paul.  New ways of teaching.

Paul’s goal:  Create a small, internationally-focused, and successful business that is “up and running” in 4 weeks.

And I have the perfect idea…