Paul Kurucz's Visual Tutorials

Here are some tutorials for working with PHP, MySQL, cascading style sheets in Dreamweaver, and more. I produced these tutorials because I couldn't find excellent tutorials using a visual, screen-shot-by-screenshot approach. A picture is worth a thousand words! For users new to a complex program or complex situation, learning by doing as you follow a set of clear visual steps is a great way to become familiar with a new interface while being productive at the same time.

  • CPanel / MySQL / phpMyAdmin visual tutorial - This screenshot-by-screenshot tutorial shows you how to create a database using MySQL (accessed through your Control Panel - "Cpanel") using phpmyadmin, which comes with Cpanel.

  • Dreamweaver MX - PHP - MySQL tutorial for connecting to a database - A screenshot-by-screenshot tutorial. Here you will learn how to set up your Dreamweaver MX "site" to connect to a MySQL database.

  • Web layout and design tutorial - You can use a pre-made template for your web site design. However, if you want to create your personal design, here is a visual introduction to the basic principles of making professional web pages. These principles are from Robbin Williams' popular book, "The Non-Designer's Design Book" - The simple examples show you how to think "visually" when designing web pages.

  • Dreamweaver - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) tutorial - Simple, screenshot-by-screenshot tutorial on how to create a cascading style sheet in Dreamweaver. Using Dreamweaver to create style sheets is great, but it is tricky to learn how as the logical flow is not so logical.

  • FTP - Super easy way to put your web pages onto your web server - A simple, quick, easy way to transfer your files using the built-in features of Internet Explorer. Based on the FTP protocol, this drag-and-drop method couldn't be simpler. Great if you don't have Dreamweaver or FrontPage and you want to transfer pages to your web server quickly.

Other Useful Tutorials:

  • PHP Tutorial - A nice little introduction to PHP programming.
  • Tutorial Find - a link site where you can find tutorials on almost any computer and web design tool and topic.
  • A List Apart - How to do lots of things with web sites.



Feedback from users of these visual tutorials:

"This is simply one of the best & simplest tutorials I have ever seen for a tricky subject.

THANK YOU SO MUCH I REALLY appreciate it!"

"We would like to thank you. We came across your tutorial site via Google web search and found they were excellent for our cadets to follow and understand, making it easier for our programmers to teach them once thy had the basic knowledge. Thank you for spending the time and effort in setting up your site."

"Your PHP-MySQL Dreamweaver MX tutorial was great. I can't thank you enough for the help that has given me. It was clear and easy to follow on a subject that is anything but easy to follow. I am wading my way through a PHP, Apache and MySQL book that gives me the theory but doesn't really help with Dreamweaver."

"I was desperate to find a way to start php with dreamweaver and I found your tutorial mentioned above...I just wanted to thank you, it's very well done and will give me some courage to continue."

"I just wanted to thank you for your tutorial on dreamweaver /mysql /php tutorial. I had been trying to get stuff to work with no luck until I happened upon your site. "