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Educational Stuff:

  • Unschooling insights - Paul's reflections on raising unschoolers...

  • Field Schools International - Taking a step into the big wide world out there... (2011- )

  • Success Orientations - A human behavior model for how people go about achieving success. (2003-2011)

  • Home Learning: "School free" books for Children, youth, and teens - Books where "school" is absent from the storyline. Examples of books that show children living their lives without school as a necessary part of the process of life. (2008)

  • Business and E-Commerce Case Studies - international business, operations management, e-commerce, experiential management, Success Orientations, and more! Great shorter case studies for business studies, experiential management, and perfect for the ESL learner environment. Written by Paul Kurucz and all classroom tested. (1991-2011)


  • Visual Tutorials - Dreamweaver, MySQL, PHP, CPanel, CSS, and more. Created by Paul. (2003)

Reference and Resource Stuff:

  • "Third-person" writing - why it is so hard, why it is so useful, and how to do it well. For many university students, first-person writing (I, we, us, ...) is much easier than third-person. Why is third-person harder? Why is third-person so useful in post-secondary education? How can you get your mind to think that way? And some "Yes, but..." thoughts on third-person writing, too.

  • Overcoming research procrastination. Starting a project, thesis, business, plan, etc. is often the hardest part. And starting usually means doing "research". Why do we procrastinate in starting research? What can we do to help ourselves "get on with it"? Here is a primer on the causes of this problem and some techniques for getting going on research.

  • How to reduce the size (word count) of your writing without losing important ideas - a primer for undergraduate / graduate students and writers of all kinds on how to reduce word counts. A 3-step process is included to work through in distancing yourself from your work and adopting a critical mind frame for looking at your writing from an editing viewpoint.

  • How to do a literature review and how to include research findings in your writing - a primer on the challenging task of integrating the work of others into your thesis, research paper, or project. Lots of people write lots of useful stuff. But how do I integrate what they have said into my own, original writing?

  • 21st century research resources - how and why writers of mba thesis papers, authors of business plans, marketing analysts, and others doing technical, business, industry, and societal research can use online discussion groups, email lists, and other internet based resources to find the best, most current and most credible information.

  • Data, information and knowledge management software: "What software should I use?" A primer on finding the right data, information and knowledge management tools for your working style and needs. Comparisons and reviews of software to visualize data into diagrams, store text and RTF data, outline, mindmap, and more.



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