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I started this Kurucz history page when my father, Frank (Ferenc) Kurucz, passed on and I wished to honor his memory and my heritage.

- Paul Kurucz, BC, Canada

A history of the Kurucz name

The 'Kurucz' name originates from old Hungary - Hungary before the borders were changed following World War II. Currently, much of the area lies in Slovakia, but before that in the now separated "Czechoslovakia". The town/city where my particular line of Kurucz's comes from was called "Èrsekújvár". After the war - and currently - the city is called "Nové Zámky" (see town web site: http://www.novezamky.sk). The origin of the name 'Kurucz' is somewhat obscured by history and there have been some different viewpoints on the origins:

One interesting part of the history of the 'Kurucz' name is how the name has spread. In the early part of the 20th century, mobility wasn't as high as it was later in the century. If you had the name 'Kurucz', you probably lived in Czechoslavakia, Romania, or Hungary. Now, there are 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd generation Kurucz's all over the world who have no tie to the geographic or religious origins of the name. For example, there are now literally hundreds of Kurucz's in Canada and United States who are first-language English speakers and totally native to North American culture with no ties to their historical "homeland".

What does this mean? If you are a believer in some strong genetic traits carried down through families, then you might say that a 'Kurucz' is a natural horse rider or they are typical "Eastern Europeans" (whatever that means!) Likely people will see traits in your facial features that they will call "Slavik" or "Eastern European". Or even further back, from the Magyar strain that originates in what is now Western China! My niece and my youngest son both looked a little like Mongols when they were young! It was quite striking, actually.

If you don't believe that genetics are a big part of who you are, and you know that the Kurucz's in your family inter-married with lots of other nationalities and races, then the 'Kurucz' name is simply a name, and nothing more unique than that! Hard to spell for most, but who cares?

I have heard many Hungarians say that all Hungarian men have "blue blood" and are therefore Princes. I can attest to this statement. It is absolutely true!! (Ha, ha!)

Please get in touch if you are from the Kurucz, Kuruc, Kurutz, Kurtts, Kruz, etc. clans. We are likely all related from back in the 1700-1900 century range. Others are researching their families (see the growing list below) and would love to hear from you if can help them. I am acting as an email go-between in order to protect the privacy of individuals so please send me any requests to individuals and I will forward them on.

A Suggestion

To all who are reading this who have Kurucz, Kuruc, Kurutz, or related names:

Contact your parents and grandparents now and document your family history from Hungary or wherever your family originates from. Once your parents & grandparents have passed away, like my father, there may be no link left to Hungary and key pieces of your family history will be gone forever. What history is documented in Hungary is in Hungarian and if you don't read and speak the language, you will have a tough time accessing it.

And if you are a parent: Taking your kids to Hungary or your ancestral homeland would be a trip of a lifetime. My parents took me in 1977 when I was 12 years old. In this photo we are standing by the Danube river in Budapest. I have never forgotten meeting my father's relatives and friends and seeing where he grew up. One reason I am developing this web page is to pass on some history to my sons, history that without this web site's bridge to the digital world, would be lost forever.

A Very Special Kurucz Story. Enjoy!

Dear Paul,

A few months ago I asked your help if you can help us to find our relatives in South Africa, Kurucz Miklos, Kurucz Attila and their children.

On Sunday, after 54 years my grandfather was able to meet his brothers again, they flew home from South Africa...

I'd like to say a big thank you, without your help I'm not sure if this could happen...

I send you a pic of my grandfather, his brother from Budapest and their South African brothers, reunited after 54 years!! (From left to right: Kurucz Attila from South Africa, Kurucz Tibor from Budapest, Kurucz Miklos from South Africa and my grandfather, Kurucz Gyorgy from Gyor.)

Thank you very much dear Paul, and God bless you!!


Zsuzsanna Varbanov


Hi Paul,

I've been told that you have also been contacted by our family member Zsuzsanna in Hungary about the reunion that took place on Sunday at the airport in Hungary. This is all so exciting for us, I don't think anyone has any idea of what we are experiencing. She had also sent me a video clip of when they arrived, and one my uncle had walked through the door behind my dad and he ran so fast from the door to hug one of his brothers.

Sorry if I take up your time, but we are so excited that our family dream has come true. I think had it not been for you with your family history website this wouldn't have happened. My folks and uncle have apparently been treated like kings and queens, and they are enjoying every minute with the family.

Kind regards,

Cathy Kreunen

Kurucz's around the world who have shared their stories and questions:

Click on their name to go directly to their posting or scroll down on this page to see all the postings in chronological order. Please let Paul Kurucz know if you wish to connect with any of the people below or wish to add your own contributions! Thank you!

James Donnellan (maternal line: "Kurucz") USA2023
James Gustav Janossy (Kurucz) USA2020
Helen 'Colleen' Jones (Kurucz) Canada2018
Vincent George Kurucz USA2018
Debbie KuruczAustralia2018
Andrea KuruczovaCzech Republic2017
Michel Kurucz --------2017
Leigh KuruczCanada2017
Monica Lang (Kuruc)USA2017
Anna KuruczHungary2016
Geno Mehalik (Kurucz)--------2016
Reginald Varga (Kurucz)USA2016
Ronda Parker (Kurtz)USA2016
William Wright (Kurucz)USA2016
Jenny Evix (Kurucz)USA2016
Leadie Jo Flowers (Kurucz)USA2016
Jim Kurtts (Kuruc)USA2016
Joe Schrei (Kurucz)Canada2016
Terezie Soukalová (Kurucz and Kuruczová)Czech Republic2015
Vivienne Kurucz-------2015
Steven McKenzie (Kurucz)USA2014
Lorraine Bernadyn (Kurtz)USA2014
Ladislav KuruczCzech Republic2014
Ayéegül KurucTurkey2014
Jane Feher (Kurucz)-------2014
Laura KurutzUSA2013
Thomas Kurucz------2013
Diana Schmidt (Kuruc)USA2013
Ann Ida Kurucz------2013
Barbara Lepiankiewicz (Bela Geza Kurucz)UK2013
Igor KurucSerbia2012
Langner Alexander and Tamara KuritzRussia2012
Mary Ann KurtzUSA2012
Mike Labancz (Kurucz)------2012
Kristin Klapkowski Fiori (Kurucz)------2012
Pablo Puyol KuruczUruguay2012
Jana Klusova (Kurutz)Slovakia2012
Susan Kurucz Eich USA2011
Milan (Mike) Kuruc Canada2011
Shawn Donovan (Kuruc)USA2011
John Steven Kurucz USA2011
Jean Anderson (Kuroc, Kuracz, Kurucz) USA2011
Andrea Ohimesama (Kurucz) Croatia2011
Paul KuritzUSA2011
F. KuruczSweden2010
Robert Kurucz------2010
Eva KuruczSlovakia2010
Marie Antoinette Kurucz------2010
Christine Oldreive (Kurucz)South Africa2010
Daniel CurutRomania2010
Bill KarutzUSA2010
Kara L. KuruczUSA2010
Rob KuruczUSA2010
Denise Kurucz VetterUSA2010
Dawn Brown (Kurucz)Canada2009
Hazel Batalides (Kurucz)South Africa2009
Madeline Stanley (Kurucz)------2009
Arpád KuruczHungary2009
Jane KurucUSA2009
Dörthe Heidenreich (Kurucz) Germany2009
Julius KuruczSouth Africa2009
Frantisek KuruczNové Zámky, Slovakia2009
Peter KuruczNové Zámky, Slovakia2008
James Ronald KuruczUSA / Canada2008
Larry KurucUSA2008
Paulo J. Toekoely (Kurucz)Russia2008
Julius (Gyula) KurucUSA2008
Nicholas T. KuruczUSA2008
Dragan KurucicSerbia2008
Mark KurucUSA2008
Josh KuruczUSA2008
Emmile Kurucz------2007
Yuri Balega (Kurucz)Russia2007
Mark KuruczUSA2007
Michael Churilla (Kurucz)USA2007 & 2008
Darren KuruczCanada2007
"Bunny" KuruczUSA2007
Robert KuruczCzech Republic2007
David KuruczCzech Republic2007
Adrian KuruczRomania2007
Connie Bishop (Kurucz)USA2006
Jacqueline Ann KurucCanada2006
Andrew KurutzUSA2006
Monica Kurutz-KosinarUSA2006
Gene KurtzUSA2005
Greg Caroots (Kurucz)USA2005
Greg Mikolas (Kurucz)Canada2005
Áranka Kurucz JäckelGermany2005
Tom KuruczCanada2005
Meredith KuruczUSA2005
Miranda KuruczCanada2005
Alexander KuruczSwitzerland / UK2004
Helene KuruczAustria2004
Tracey Montgomery (nee Szusz) (Kurucz)Canada2004
Catherine KuruczSouth Africa2004
Zsazsa Kurucz-BullUK2004

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James Donnellan, USA, December 2023 -----> Request for help, please! <-----

I am researching what according to my mother's birth certificate is her father Frank (Ferencz) Kurucz living in Akron Ohio. My research lacks any marriage between Frank and my grandmother Mary Bakos..according to my research Frank was born in Egyeduta Hungary in 1889. Akron records record a marriage between Frank and Theresa Nagy (vargo). Ship records show Theresa's sister visiting Theresa Kurucz in 1936 in Kaposvar Hungary at 21 Kalvaria...I am trying to find out anything concerning the final years of Frank Kurucz life as I believe he returned to Hungary with his wife Theresa...

Thank You,

James Donnellan

James Gustav Janossy, NJ, USA, December 2020

I discovered your website in trying to seek information on my mother's father Joseph Kurucz who died in 1928. Mom was born in 1922 and was only 6 when he died and she never told us kids much about him except that he died of some injury or illness sustained in his work in a rubber factory where he worked around Neward, New Jersey. All four of my grandparents were immigrants from Hungary between 1895 and 1908 or so, and for that reason I am I suppose 100% Hungarian/American! Both sets of grandparents married in the U.S. some time after their arrival here.

My father was Gustav Janossy (1914-2008). He had four brothers and a sister all born in the U.S. starting in 1912. My mom Irene's (1922-2017) mom died in 1963. She and my grandfather are buried in Elmwood Park in New Jersey. I a sorry to say I don't know my mom's mom's maiden name. All of these relatives except on cousin are now dead, and I have no idea where any but one cousin (aged 81 and has suffered a stroke) is now.

I'd like to learn more about the family name and whatever connections exist between others and me and my kids.

One of a couple of interesting thing about my family is that I was told that when my paternal grandfather Stephen Janossy entered the U.S. through Ellis Island about 1908 the person handling his processing had a hard time pronouncing "Janossy" since it is spoken as "yah nosh she" so entered his last name as "Johnson" (I suppose because "Janos" as a first name is "John"). The two grandparents and all six kids went by that name ever onward, except my dad. He became a first rate musician in the 1930's in the Minneapolis Symphony as a string bassist. It seemed to him that he could distinguish himself better among many "Johnsons" by reverting to the original name Janossy. So for a while he was "Johnson-Janossy" and then about 1946 when he married my mom, Irene Kurucz, he started using just Janossy as his last name in common use. But after I was born in 1947 there arose a problem because his name was officially still Johnson while my birth certificate read Janossy! I recall as a very young child going to some court with my little brother and my mom and dad, facing a very big man in a black robe high up on a bench, in a session where my dad's name was officially changed to Gustav Janossy! So of the 2 grandparents, 4 uncles, and an aunt our family is the only one to carry on the original last name--everyone else is still "Johnson" except the female offspring who married!

If you have any hints about genealogical research methods I'd appreciate learning of them so I could flesh out the family history, starting with my maternal grandfather, about whom I know essentially nothing. I did hear the town name of Borsod Megy in Hungary mentioned as being relevant to my father's father. After that grandfather died in 1963 my uncle John and my grandmother Helen (I think her maiden name was Bartha) visited Hungary and did meet some relatives there.

Helen 'Colleen' Jones, BC, Canada, June 2018

My maiden name is KURUCZ, I have been doing a lot of genealogical research on Ancestry.ca and also Familyserach.org. Quick rundown of family in direct descendant order goes like this

Mihaly Kurucz (1834-1927) Born/married in Hungary then left and came to Kaposvar/Esterhazy Saskatchewan
-Vincent Kurucz (1875-1942) Born in Hungary, joined his father along with mom and brother Joseph and sister (?)
--Frank Kurucz (1902-1972) Born in Esterhazy died in Vancouver BC
---Rudolph Kurucz (1931-living) Born in Elk Point Saskatchewan and still lives in Surrey, BC

I have only recently found this site and find it so interesting to read about all the other KURCZ's out there!

I would love to make direct contact with the following people I have found on this site. James Ronald Kurucz (2008 post) James your grandfather Joseph is brother to my Great grandfather Vincent.

Rob Kurucz (2010 post) Your Grandfather Geroge F T Kurucz was first cousins with my Grandfather Frank.

Vincent George Kurucz (2018 post) If you were born in Florida there is a very good chance we have common ancestors.

We have always thought that when my Great Grandfather Mihaly (Michael) came to Canada he had left behind his wife Marija (Maria) Lengyel and two sons (Vincent and Joseph) records have been located that now make me believe he they also had other children. One of my great Uncles recalls that a daughter also came over, Barbara and she married a man named Mile Balogh (I can find no record of this marriage) There are records that show that Mihaly and Marija also had other children while they still lived in Hungary--Michael (1865), Barbara (as mentioned above 1872), Pal (1875) and Lidia (1880). If those names mean anything to anyone or you have them in your family tree please give me a shout.

Vincent George Kurucz, Florida, USA, May 2018

I would like info on the Kurucz clan as I've often wondered about my Hungarian roots. Although I was born in Lakeland Florida and don't really remember my grandfather I was told he lived a lot of the hungarian culture through his life.

Debbie Kurucz, Sydney Australia, January 2018

My name is Debbie Kurucz born 80's (I have 1 brother) my father is Janos Kurucz (born 1930's) migrated to Australia in 60's and married my mother in 70's (Indian who lived in Fiji) parents Miklos Kurucz and Anna Toth. Large family 5 brothers and 1 sister, names connected that I'm aware of are Anna Horwath and Maria Toth. Last known family members said to be living in Budapest and Canada. I wonder if any of this information would ring a bell with anyone so maybe we can connect the dots.

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Contributions in 2017

Andrea Kuruczova, Czech Republic, November 2017


Thank you for this web site, because it is nice to see many other Kuruczs around here We are only 4 Kurucz member of our family right now. I would like to share our story with you. My name is Andrea Kuruczova. I was born in Slovakia, currently live in Prague, Czech Republic. My fathers name is Stefan Kurucz. His father - Stefan Kurucz was born in Hungary and moved in Slovakia as a football player in small town Topoľčany. He had a mother and sister in Komarno - Komarom - the town on borderline between Hungary and Slovakia. We have no information about family in Hungary. I never had an information what happened with grandpa's father (who probably stayed in Hungary). My father and his sister don't know about them, too. A there is nobody else to ask about it. I have so many questions...

Well, thank you for this web site, wish you all the best.

Best regards from Prague!

Michel Kurucz, November 2017

Hi I was reading your report on the Kurucz family name and you actually have a lot wrong (not to cause any problems or offense I swear!) It's just they can trace exactly where our name came from and what it means in English. The z was added later, but it originates back to one of the kings from the great revolution. He gave it to the name of his fighters. Kurucz without the z (being kuruc) in Hungarian literally translated back in the day to "freedom fighters". What wiki has to say on the family name is accurate and before you go asking me where I got all of my information, my best friend is from Ostoborus, Hungary. She has spent the last two years at the university of Budapest where she has been studying history. When I went to visit her in March she made sure to take me to hero square on my birthday and give me the whole history lessons on the kings because she knew I had heard the stories growing up from my grandfather. We even have a very old needle and thread write up about it from when my nagypapa went back to Hungary before I was alive and I am twenty now. Some of the facts I could understand and believe but Honestly if you want the true Hungarian version of the name. You have it. No other language mutulled in it. Just pure Hungarian history. There is more to the story of why the name is important and kept it as long as they did as you would think another king would change it but his step son took his place and continued the revolution for their people. Since the soldiers were so dedicated to his father he decided to keep the name to honour him.

Leigh Kurucz, Canada, October 2017

My father's name is Larry and his father's name is Mike. They were in the Punnichy SK area and I was born in Regina, SK, Canada

Monica Lang, USA, March 2017 -----> Request for help, please! <-----

My grandmother was Anna (Kuruc) Vojtas. Born July 6,1884 in Koaisice, Kosicky, Slovakia or Repisko, Austria-Hungary. Her parents were Samuel Kuruc and Ann Pavlik. Her great grandparents were Jan Kuruc and Katerina Zavodny.

She came to the US at the age of 16 and lived in Pasaic NJ in a Hungarian boarding house according to 1900 census info.

I recently had the My Heritage DNA test that revealed 15.3% Balkan influence, 23% Northern and Western European and 61.7% Eastern European.

Her sisters were Hedwiga, Catherine, Clara, Zofia, Elizabeth, Mary and brothers Andrew and Joseph.

She moved to Chicago after marrying my grandfather, Lawrence Vojtas in May of 1900. Hedwiga (Harriet) lived in Pennsylvania and married into the Jurgovan family. fter reading through the comments, it is interesting to see common threads of heritage. Any relations out there consistent with this info?

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Contributions in 2016

Anna Kurucz, Hungary, December 25, 2016

I found your website on the internet and Ifound it quite amazing! Not just because myname is Kurucz too, but I have always wantedto found out more about my family and myorigins.

I live in Hungary in a city called Eger. The name Kurucz is come from my grandfather (my father's father).

So if you would like to contact me or you have information about the Kurucz clan stayed in Hungary I would be very glad if you shared it with me!

Best wishes,
Anna Kurucz

Geno Mehalik, December 2016

My name is Geno Mehalik and I just started researching my family tree through Ancestry.com. Mary Kurucz (birth date 1875) married Vanyo Mehalik (birth date 1869) and was my 2nd great grandmother, from what I can surmise so far. I'm a novice at this but I started researching the Kurucz name and yours is one of the first pages I came across. Thank you for the history!

Reginald Varga, USA, December 2016 -----> Request for help, please! <-----

I'm researching a lost Great Grandfather who the family recorded as Istvan Kubrick(Kubrok). My grand father's birth (Joseph Varga B-1884 Pany, Hungary) was illegitimate and documentationto his father is virtually nonexistent. Having no luck identifying him, I found through a real stretch of the imaginationa potential tie to a Istvan Kurucz born 1877 in Saca, Kosice, Hungary, now Slovakia. My question is did you everhave your DNA checked? My paternal hapolin group is 2a1b1/I-P37. If there is any family match I'd be real interested.

Ronda Parker, USA, October 2016 -----> HELP REQUEST! <-----

Hello. Helping a friend look for Henry Kurtz born maybe around 1775, with daughter Elizabeth born 1817 who marriedAlfred James Parker born 1803 died 1873 and a possible son, James Kurtz born 1835. I have found Elizabeth with Alfred Parker in census and one did show a James Kurtz age 15 in 1850, living in Butler County, Ohio. Hopefully, someone can connect for this friend. I am about batty trying to find anything on Elizabeth or her husband.

William Wright, USA, September 2016

Paul, I just read your page. Very informative. We have Hungarian ancestry through my mother Vanessa Masters. For a long time, we didn't know anything about our Hungarian roots. So I started digging. Our mother's father was Otto Masters. And Otto's parents were Frank and Mary Masters. That's all I knew for the longest time until I began digging. I obtained Frank and Mary's exact birth dates and was able to find them and a wide variety of info by their Hungarian names since it was common practice to Americanize them after immigrating here.

Frank Masters was born January 14th, 1880 as Ferencz Mester and baptised by the Hungarian Reformed Church on January 15th 1880. His parents were Mátyas Mester and Juliana Sajtos of Poroszló, Heves, Hungary. Mátyas Mester and Julianna Nagy were Ferencz's father's parents.

Mary Masters was a little harder to find. Mary was born on October 3rd, 1891 as Maria-Roza Kurucz and baptised by the Hungary Catholic Church on October 11th, 1891. Her parents were Innel Kurucz and Rozalia Kastner of Erzsbetvárosi, Budapest, Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun, Hungary. I'm still working on going back further with Innel Kurucz relatives.

Hopefully this will help Connie Bishop a bit because she was probably coming up against a brick wall by using Maryana instead of Maria in her search. It does happen a lot when doing genealogy.

Thank you for a great page. I always enjoy learning more of any kind of history, especially Hungarian history.

Jenny Evix, USA, September 2016

My mom was a Kurucz from WV [West Virginia, USA]. Her father was also from WV Andy Kurucz Sr. He had 11 brother's and sister's. The two older one's were born in Hungary. My great grandparents names were Joseph and Elizabeth Kurucz. They came over on a boat to Ellis island. Beyond them nobody knows anything about family in Hungary. All my great aunt's and uncle's have passed except a great Aunt that lives in Baltimore MD, Edith Kurucz but, her mind is not good. Also my mom, my grandpa and my mom's brother Andy Jr. have passed away. My grandpa's brother's and sister's were Anna, Julie, Lizzie, Edith, Steve, Margaret, Alec. Don't know the rest of the names

Leadie Jo Flowers, July 2016  -----> HELP REQUEST! <-----

I have been trying to do a little research on part of my family heritage. On a recent trip to Romania I found out a little more. We had been told that my great grandmother was a Romanian gypsy princess. (Who was disowned for marrying my great grandfather!) Her name is listed as Maria (Mary) Kurucz. Which has led me to your sight when I was trying to research where this came from. My great grandfather was born in Vlahovo, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic in 1885. They married when she was 16, no birth date, but the marriage was in Lupeni, Hunedoara, Romania on June 8th 1911. I now understand that where he was born is the same town name in what is Serbia. That's another story that I will research elsewhere. Back to Maria, I am trying to track down any information that may help me to find more history.

Hoping there is something in your archives that may help as I plan on going back to Romania to try and find more information. My thoughts are that Peter (Great-grandfather) left Vlahovo to go to Lupeni to work in the mines as it was a thriving area in that time. He met Maria and you know the rest of the story I got. Thank you for any help or information you may provide.

Jim Kurtts, USA, May 2016

I am originally from Birmingham, AL. My great grandparents Mikael Kuruc and Alzbeta Ongradi immigrated from Velka Domassa in 1899. Someone in the pay office of US Steel thought Kurtts was easier/better about 1930. My father's baptismal certificate's spelling is Kuruce. Thanks for putting all this information on the net for us. Jim Kurtts

Joe Schrei, Canada, March 2016

My name is Joseph Schrei, born in Hungary in 1955, emigrated to Canada in 1956. Never lived there but visited twice in my life. As both my parents are deceased & I don't speak Hungarian (just a tiny bit) the family connections are being lost. In keeping with your listed history of the Kurucz name...... My mother's maiden name was Kurucz, she had 3 sisters & 3 brothers, all born in Szentgotthard (myself too). Many times over the years I asked my mother where they came from. She always replied that as far back as as her family knew, Szentgotthard. Now my fathers name, Schrei, that is another matter. He was from Szentgotthard also, but the name, likely Austrian in origin. I had one Kurucz uncle in Canada, now deceased. Yes, the name is difficult to say, he Canadianized it to be spoken as "Cruise". Thanks for your site, found it accidentally, a nice surprise.


Joe, or in the lingo "Jozsef"

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Contributions in 2015

Terezie Soukalová, Czech Republic, April 2015  -----> HELP REQUEST! <-----

A good day.My grandmother's name was Theresa Kuruczová. her father Jozef was born 1926 in Galantě Kurucz. Also I'm looking for some information about the genus. If you know something please send information.Thank You Soukalova.

Vivienne Kurucz, April 2015, and an earlier message in 2012

My grandmother and grandfather were both from Hungary. I'm very proud of my name my grand parents and father all spoke fluent hungarian.

Message from 2012:

My grandma and grandpa are from Budapest. My grandmothers maiden name is Theresa Mary prefeck, and my grandfather Joseph Kurucz . And my father is Andrew Kurucz. We would like to know any thing of are relatives.

We know we may be decendents of hanns Kurucz

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Contributions in 2014

Steven McKenzie, USA, November 2014   -----> HELP REQUEST! <-----

My grandma (mothers side of the family) was a Kurucz. Her father and mother came from Hungary and was with a wave of Hungarians that found their way to Cleveland, Ohio. Some of them (my family)came to Eastern, Ohio.(Cadiz, New Athens, Steubenville) to work in the coal mines and steel plants. My grandfather(her husband) was born in Poland and when he was very young the family took a boat over to America. His family came to Cadiz, Ohio. There are still third and fourth generation Hungarians living in this part of the United States. My grandparents have since past, but they instilled in me the virtue of hard work. I have always loved the fact that I'm Hungarian and Polish. Also, I miss the family dinners. The Hungarians and Polish really know how to cook. I was wondering if you could provide me with some more information on Hungarians in Eastern Ohio and Cleveland, Ohio. I'm really interested in the time period of the early 1900's. Thank you for your time.

Lorraine Bernadyn, USA, October 2014

Hi, May God Bless you in your research. I only know my maternal grandmother was named Mary Kurtz and she was Slovak. Apparently her father came over from that area of the world in late 1800s. You might be interested to know that we are also cousins with Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville, KY. I wish I had more info. I've been to Poland, but Slovakia looks beautiful too.

Ladislav Kurucz, Czech Republic, July 2014 -----> HELP REQUEST! <-----

(Translated from Czech to English with Google Translate):

Hello My name is Ladislav. I come from Kurucz born July 22, 1984 in the Czech Republic, where I also born and live in dnes. My grandpa came from Hungary and named Francis Kurucz born. 1919 that the 2-sv.v�lce left Hungary, where he lived in Šale- (village Galant) and found my grandmother Mary Kuruczovou living in the former Czechoslovakia, where he i lived zemreli.Naše family is Multiple :) And I ask whether there is some, although apparently small probability that someone from village where my grandfather lived is on this list? Or if you do not know or do not know someone from my grandfather and relatives

Dekuji.S Regards Ladislav Kurucz

Ayéegül Kuruc, Turkey, May 2014

I am a Kuruc (when you write Kurucz you pronounce "c" in turkish. My grandfather is from Russia-Ufa (born 1899), a kazanturkish rooted family which were so called Kurucs (actually my grandfather had heard there was a small river called in this name around where they lived.) nice to hear there are kuruc families all around the world.

Jane Feher, April 2014

My paternal grandmother's surname was Kurucz. I remember her being very proud of it. I am still in touch with my Kurucz relatives in Hungary. I visited them over the Xmas holiday. They are lovely people. Obviously, we have great DNA!

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Contributions in 2013

Laura Kurutz, December 2013

My husband Darrell is the son of Richard Kurucz (now Kurutz) and the grandson of John (János) Kurucz of Hungary. John was born in Hungary in 1899. He married Bessie Csuma born in the US (also, still has family in Hungary). John or (János as was his birthname) had a sister named Bertha and a brother named Stephen. I know he has family still in Hungary. If anyone reading this knows of John or Bessie and could possibly be related, I would be happy to correspond.

Thomas Kurucz, December 2013

I am a blue blood as far as I can remember all grand parents were from Hungary.

Diana Schmidt (Kuruc descendent), March 2013 -----> HELP REQUEST! <-----

Kuruc - my mom, maiden name Rita Kuruc recently passed away, and I have realized there aren't many relatives left that will know much of anything, so I have started to try and piece things together for myself and other Kuruc relatives of mine.

Her father (my grandpa) was Joseph Thomas Kuruc, born 02/24/1913 in Hankovca, Czechoslovakia. I was told he arrived in NY when he was about 8/9 years old. When he arrived, they had nothing to eat and a man gave them doughnuts, milk and money to get to PA. He had two sisters Anne and Margaret (Marg, Margarita??), who according to a census were born in PA, and a brother named John Paul Kuruc born in ND. Mother's name was Anna (maiden name Gavola) and I believe their dad was John Kuruc. Waiting to hear back from my aunt (formerly Patricia Kuruc) to see what info I can get. My grandma Opal (married to Joseph Thomas Kuruc) passed away a year ago in December.....I should have asked her more questions.

So now I really need to start getting it figured out before I have no more info to go on. It is challenging researching the Kuruc side - I connected with a Kuruc, and so many of the names matched, but not all, so although there may be a connection, it must be much more distant than where I am at. I have printed off all these Kuruc listings that I will read through to see if I can find any info.

I would like to find Margaret and Anne to see if they have children that might know more. I have a picture of these two ladies from younger years, so it would be fun to share that also with any of their relatives.

Thanks so much for this informative blog, it's so interesting!

Ann Ida Kurucz, March 2013 -----> Request for help, please! <-----

I would like to ask for your help.

I want to find my cousin.

Our parents died, we have never met, and I would love to meet her.

Her name : Eva Kurucz and she livd Germany in Saarbrücken. My uncle prof.dr. Jen&&337; Kurucz. He taught at the University of Saarbrücken.

Can you help me, or do you have any idea, how to find her?

I'm glad that was able to write to you.

By: Ida

Barbara Lepiankiewicz (for Bela Geza Kurucz), January 2013

I was married to Bela Geza Kurucz, born 1932 either in Miskolc or Kosice. He studied Architecture in Budapest and came to London after the Hungarian uprising in 1956. He had two brothers who remained in Hungary. Unfortunately I have lost touch with him over time so I do not know where he now is. However in case someone is looking for him this is a tiny bit of information for them

Kind regards

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Contributions in 2012

Igor Kuruc, November 2012, Serbia

i am very proud and happy to i im one KURUC... and i am more happy when i see how much kuruc is around the world, its simply amazing!!! love for everyone from one serbian kuruc !!

(Thank you, Igor!! Lots of love back to you!!)

Langner Alexander and Tamara Kuritz(Anissimova), Russia, November, 2012 ----->HELP REQUEST! <-----

You kindly help my family about Peter Semenovich Kuricz, he was born near 1907 in Nikolaev City USSR Ukraine, his father was Kuricz Haim Shleime (1870-1924), soon after Grait Octoder Revolution 1917, his family moved to Moscow and they were living at Granatnij pereulok bld.2\\9, flat number 50. Then He graduated the special professional school for preparing the workers for trading fleet (Podvojsky shief) and worked then in the crew of such trading ship... He wrote a lot of letters to parents from abroad. Last information from him was in a letter at 1937, but grandfather and grandmother were severely afraid to answer him because there was a high risk of death from NKVD (KGB) for people having contact with foreign contries. He wrote in last letter - \"..if your will not answer me for this letter this will mean for me that your all are dead..\" (or near so) And we all lost him for ever.

Tamara Kurcz (Anisimova) is already after 84, he was her uncle.

Sincerely Yours,

Doctor Langner Alexander M.D. Ph.D.

Mary Ann Kurtz, July 2012 -----> Request for help, please! <------

I have been looking for family roots and going in circles! Not making much progress. My father was John kurtz (Kurutz),his brother was born Elias or Illes in Nagykunfalu or Helcmanovce 1902/1903 to my Grandfather George Kurtz (Kurutz) and mary Rendosh/Arandasz. George's brothers were Johann Kuritz (Kurutz)and Stephen Kurutz. Family immagrated to sykesville, PA., Clearfield county PA., and Trafford, Allegheny county Pa. Many ended up in cyahoga Ohio. my great-grandfather was Mathias Kurutz, wife Maria Oravec. Kurutz's married Ference, Turchan, Furimsky, Toocheck. Some were in Canada also. Stephen Kurutz came through Canada. His daughter married Kosko in Syksville Pa. I would love to learn more and make a family connection!!

Mike Labancz, August 2011 & April 2012

For fun i googled up my last name ie Labancz name in north america and the Kurucz web site popped up. My father told me that the Labancz's and Kurucz's were always fighting with Labancz's siding with the Hapsburg royals.

My parents both came from the village of Tiszalok not far from Tokai, down and across the Tisza. My mother and daughter also look a bit like a mongol with their eys and facial features. Visited 3 years and my wife and i and sister plan to go back soon. According to history the Labancz name was very pro Hapsburg and fought the Kurucz's. My dad talked about this like it was a big deal but since read that it was a very comical war, whatever that means.

Kristin Klapkowski Fiori, April 2012 -----> Request for help, please! <------

I'm not really sure how I came to add the Kurucz name in my genealogy, but I have Julia Kurucz as my great great great grandmother. I have that she was born in Borsod Megye Hungary and married Frank Toth. They were the parents of Julia (born about 1863)who married Gyorgy Torok. They were the parents of George who was the father of my grandmother, Ida. Do you know of any of the above? I'd gladly share what I have. Thanks!

Pablo Puyol Kurucz, Montevideo, Uruguay, February 2012 -----> Request for help, please! <------

I'm from Montevideo Uruguay. My mother Susana Kurucz was also born here, but her father (my grandfather) came with his mother from the old Czech Republic in 1930.

My grandfather's name is Rudolf Kurucz Chrenak, born in Surany on June 2nd, 1924 (Died in 1981). His mother was Alzbeta Chrenakova Kwasnowska born in 1897 in Nove Zamky (Died in 1985). They came with Rudolf's step father, Stefan Ondracka (1899- 1983). Rudolf's father Josef Kurucz remained in Europe and died in the war.

I'd like to know of some more of our family who live in South America (specially Uruguay and Argemtina) and if possible find some genealogical roots in Slovakia or Czech Republic (Alzbeta and Josefs parents, grandparents, etc.)

Thanks and great website!

Jana Klusova, Lipany, Slovakia, January, 2012

My ancestors were Andreas Kurutz and Juliana Gold. Grandmother my grandgrandfather was Juliana Kurutz. She was the sister of Andreas Kurutz (b.1843). They lived in Lipany (Hethars). The cemetery still is the grave Andreas Kurutz and Juliana Kurutz (born Gold). My family lives in Lipany. I have made up the family tree of our family from the year 1752.

Best regards. Jana

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Contributions in 2011

Susan Kurucz Eich, OH, USA, November, 2011

I am a Kurucz by birth. My father was John and his parents were Joseph and Veroncia Kurucz from Lorain Ohio. He had 11 other sibling. I have lots of history and pictures of the family. Feel free to contact me.

Milan (Mike) Kuruc, Canada, October, 2011

My dad moved to Canada from Stermic Yugoslavia now Croatiain 1964. He was born in the village of Kuruc, He has 4 brother's and one sister. My grandfathers name was Lazar and my great great grand father's name was Jovan. I have been back to my father's home five times in my 43 years to visit and to rebuild the family grave cripts. Lots of history I gather there also. I have also found a family crest. I will have to take a picture of it for you when I next go visit my dad and mom. It has a lion and the sun incorperated into it.

I also would like to ask if you noticed something as well. All my cousins and relatives are very tall. I myself am 6'5" and my cousins are even taller. I will send you the crest picture shortly.


Milan or Mike Kuruc

Paul Kurucz's note: Any other tall Kuruc or Kurucz folks? I am 6'4", my Kurucz grandfather and great grandfather were both very tall, and my sons are both around 6'5" tall!

Shawn Donovan, SC, USA, August 2011 -----> Request for help, please! <------

I was always very curious about my maternal grandfather's family - but he would not share any info other than he came to the U.S. before 1900, was born on June 14, 1877 had 7 brothers, his mother's name was Catalee (spelling it the way he pronounced it). He was a stow-away on a freighter and entered this country illegally. His name was Vindel Kuruc. He married my grandmother Zsussianno Sera in Pittsburgh, Pa on April 5, 1902. They had 13 children. My Mother was Marion (Marishka???) 2/25/17 - 4/30/08. My grandfather died on Aug. 7, 1963. He was extremely secretative about his family and past in Europe. I know he spoke 7 languages.If anyone's family included him in that time period that you are aware of I would be most appreciative to hear it. My sister Kathleen and I are the only 2 grandchildren surviving- there are many great and great-great grandchildren in Pittsburgh. I live in South Carolina. Perhaps we are related. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you.

John Steven Kurucz, OH, USA, June 2011

Hello, and thanks for any help you may provide. I am the 4th generation John in my family. My great grandfather(John) came through Ellis Island with two brothers (1 was Steve) sometime around 1900. They settled in Adena Ohio and I dont know his name went on up to Canada. The two married Paitsy sisters. They later bought an orange grove in Florida but lost in depression. Family are all still in East Ohio.

Jean Anderson, April 2011 -----> Request for help, please! <------

My children's grandfather Andrew Yaskovic was the son of Joseph Yaskowitz & Julia Kuroc (b 1882 Hethars, Slovakia)(m 1902 Yonkers, NY)(one of six siblings), who was the daughter of Andrew Kuracz (b 1843 Hethars, Slovakia) m 1865 to Maria Stroncer. Andrew was the son of Andreas Kurucz (m 1833 Hethars, Slovakia) to Julianna Gold. Julia had siblings Anna Kuroc (b 1874), Donald Kuroc, and surname Kurucz: Andreas (b 1868), Stephanus (b 1870), Janos(b 1885), Jozsef (b 1880), Is( b ca 1887), Maria (b 1876). Would love to find cousins and share info.

Andrea Ohimesama (Kurucz), Croatia, February 2011

I found your kurucz.ca website when searching for my grandgrandmother's heritage. Her name was Janja Kurucz, she was from Sonta (Serbia) I have a picture of her from 1918 with her husband, my grandgrandfather. I'm from Croatia, so if you want to contact me I'm here.

Paul Kuritz, PA, USA, February 2011

My great great great grandfather was Martin Kuric, a form of Kuruc. My great grandfather was Pavel Kuric, my father Paul Kuritz. These Kurics were from Myjava, Slovakia, and settled around Hazleton, PA.

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Contributions in 2010

Seeking: "F. Kurucz", October 2010 -----> HELP REQUEST! <------

Vidar Steen-Hansen in Sweden is seeking contact with "F. Kurucz" ("Ferenc"?) who left Hungary in 1956 and settled in Stockholm. If you can help Vidar with information on F. Kurucz in Stockholm, please contact me (Paul Kurucz) and I will forward the information to Vidar.

Robert Kurucz, September 2010 -----> Request for help, please! <------

My name is Robert Kurucz, and first of all thank you for making this website. It makes me feel like some warrior knowing my family crest is a shield with red and medieval militaria. I also think the Kurucz name goes back to when horses, battlesaxes, and swords were the syle of fighting. I was wondering what the family crest meant more specifically and what the small things mean in the crest. The crest obviously shows some military status, but what does all the wierd stuff on top mean? Like the feathers and crown thing.

Eva Kurucz, Slovakia, September 2010

I am Eva Kurucz from Slovakia, Bratislava..my father is Stefan Kurucz and grandfather Jan Kurucz.. father has 3 brothers Gabor, Jan and Jozef Kurucz.. but i don t know, where they live.. we are not in contact.. i am pleased with your article A History of the Kurucz name..i am sorry for my english..it s not good ...that s all I would like to write, perhaps you to enjoy ... :)

best regards


Marie Antoinette Kurucz, June 2010 -----> Request for help, please! <------

Hi, I am so glad someone has started this blog for all the Kurucz out there. My father Ferenc Kurucz was born in Eszteregnye. he left Hungary in 1956. He has never gone back and probably will never will. His health is not good. Does anyone know anything about this area? I would like to find out if I have cousins over there?

Christine Oldreive, South Africa, May 2010

I am Christine Oldreive from South Africa, my Mother is Yara Kurucz and my uncles are Stefano and the late Alex Kurucz. My late Granfather Stefanus and late Grandmother Maria Kurucz left Hungary to live in Brazil and later on to South Africa. There are a few cousins etc now living in SA and still some living in Brazil

My mother will be so pleased to hear about the website you have I will forward the information onto her.

Kind Regards

Christine Oldreive (nee Marais)

Daniel Curut, Romania, May 2010
Hello, my name is Daniel Curut. In 1965 when my mother was born, the guy from Newborn Registration Service has misspelled the Kuruc name to Curut, my grandfather`s name is was Kuruc until they changed in Curut. I`m from Romania...

... I think is a connection here cuz my grandfather had a brother that had left the village and disappeared, maybe i will find more things about my family`s past. Thank you very much.

Bill Karutz, KY, USA, May 2010

Just got through looking at your website - thought it looked great and very interesting - who knows for sure about many things?

I ran across a letter my father had showed many years ago that his father had received from a gentleman in regards to his family name. This was in his safe deposit box at the time of his death a couple of years ago.

A person in Oregon traced my Karutz line from Prussia, Germany, who came here in 1860's to New York City where they had originally settled. My immediate family is the last of those Karutz's.

Here is that letter:

Written to my grandfather, Dr. Charles David Karutz, dated April 1956

"As I promised, I am sending to you this information.

The stem of the family of Kurutz is from Seppesh County, North of Hungary. Today is in Checko Slovakia. Originally they were a well known noble family, landowners and military officers. In one period during the Hapsburg rulers, diplomatic position was given for one member of the family, but they requested to change their name to a German name. This Kurutz was a loyal Hungarian, he changed only one letter in his name, so the Kurutz became Karutz.

What motive brought the family to Germany and later to the United States is unknown.

With Courtesy - Garpik (sp) Blitz"

Hope this info adds to the intrigue

Bill Karutz

Kara L. Kurucz, CA, USA, May 2010

Interesting article and I love the crest! I am a Kurucz of mixed heritage living in California, originating in Ohio. Interesting, my grandparents' were involved in horseback riding shows of the Wild West variety, but I believe that was the maternal, not paternal side. we pronounce our Kurucz "Ker-zee".

Rob Kurucz, USA, March 2010

I enjoyed this "Kurucz" page very much.. My Grandfather was George Francis Thomas Kurucz, whom one of those entries mentioned. He lived in Buffalo NY, and died in 1976. My Dad is Robert George Kurucz born in Buffalo on April 6, 1949. I was born in 1979 in San Francisco, CA, and currently live in Portland, OR. Thanks for doing this research, it's very cool to read this stuff, I'll be back to check in from time to time...

Denise Kurucz Vetter, February 2010 -----> Request for help, please! <------

I would like to know if possibly we could be related or more about the Kurucz family. My grandparents Joe and Veronica came over here a very long time ago. I was told we have a relative in Spisska Bela.

Don't know if I spelled that right.

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Contributions in 2009

Dawn Brown, Canada, September 2009

Regarding My Great Uncle Paul Peter Kurucz who died on August 10th 1944.

Service Number m/55980, age: 32, force: Army, unit: Royal Canadian Artillery, Division: 5th Anti Tank regt.

Date of birth april 28 1912

Commemorated on page 356 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance.

There is a digital photo of great Uncle Paul if you go to Veterans affairs Canada http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca

He is buried in Bretteville-Sur-Laze Canadian War Cemetery

My mom (Delma McLaren) very much misses her uncle she speaks of him often. The very cool thing is the photo shown on the web page is the same photo my mom has of him. He gave her just before he left to go overseas. I am trying to find more information On Mary Kurucz... Paul's sister and her Husband John Alex Mclaren.

~ Messages from Dawn in 2007 and 2008:

Hi My name is Dawn and this is my family tree.

My Grandmother was Mary Teresa Kurucz one of 9 children she was the D.O. Vincent Kurucz born 1869 in Ormezo Szabolcesmegye Hungry. His wife was Magdaline Sikora Born June 16 1884 in Szabolcesmegye Hungry. Vincent was one of 3 Michael, Barbra, and Vincent C.O. Michael Kurucz I have no birth date or his wife's name or dates as yet.

My grandmothers 8 sibling were and still are My Great aunty Helen is still alive.

Starting oldest to youngest:

Margaret, Steve,Paul, Anne,Elizabeth,Helen,Mary,Jim,Frank.

Margaret married Paul McDonald
Steve married Ann My MOM thinks
Paul died in WW2 My mom thinks
Ann married but she does not recall his name
Elizabeth married a RCMP
Mary married John Alex McLaren he was Metis
Helen Married Elmer Josphe Lorranger
Jim Married Ann
Frank married But again my mom does not recall

And as far as the rest goes it is unclear at this time. Thanks for your time and any info you wish to pass on.

I forgot to mention that My Grandmothers family settled in Esterhazey Sask. And in 1891 Vincent and Magdaline were living in Broadview Dist Saskatchewan.

2008 update:

I wrote you back some time ago in 2007 about my moms family tree the Kurucz from Hungary. Her mom's brother that she thought died in WW11. He did die in France in 1944 on Aug 10th.

His name was Paul Peter Kurucz
Born On April 28 1912
service Number M/55980
Force: Army
Unit: Royal Canadian Artillery
Division: 5th Anti Tank
Rank: Gunner
Burried in : Breeterville-sur-Laize Calvados France Canada war cementary

Hazel Batalides (nee Kurucz), South Africa, August 2009

My name is Hazel Batalides (nee Kurucz). My dad Miklos Kurucz is 72 and I am trying, in vain, to find family of his in Hungary. He left Hungary at the age of 18 and I would think it important he try and contact family in his old age. Do you have any advice / tips for me - I seem to get no luck on the 'Tudakozo' directory site. I can give you some information about where he's from, that's all..

He received a letter in about the 80's with this address listed on the envelope : Gyuler Kurucz, 9024 Gyor, Zrinyi utca, Hungary.

My dad seems to remember this address of his father Gyorgy Kurucz: Ka'lva'ria Utca-18, Na'dorva'ros, Gyor. His mother's name is Matilda. One of his cousins is named Czaba Keszey.

Madeline Stanley, August 2009

My great-grandmother Juliana Kurucz was born in 1851. Her father, my g-g-grandfather, was Johann Kurucz born in 1816. Both were born in Javorina, Galicia, which was then part of Austria-Hungary, but is now in Slovakia.

My nephew Tom Zahn, a genealogist living in Prague, gathered this information from the Roman Catholic register of births for the parish Vidernik. A second source was the Hungarian census of 1869. Both sources were available in the State Regional Archive in Levoca. Tom also went to the Roman Catholic church in Jurgov, Poland where he found a record of the birth of Juliana Kurucz. It gave the names of her parents as Jan Kurucz and Zuzanna Kurucz, nee Novobilska. (We weren't surprised that "Jan" was also "Johann". Names in Eastern Europe had a variety of spellings.

Tom Zahn has said, "Javorina was in a region inhabited by a mixture of Protestant German colonists, ethnic Slavs from Ukraine and Poland, and isolated pockets of smaller Lemko, Rusyn, and Jewish settlements. To locate it on a map, trace a line between Poprad in Slovakia to Krakow in Poland." Javorina and Jurgov are now on opposite sides of the border between Slovakia and Poland.

Enjoyed the site. Thank you for all the information.

Arpád Kurucz, April 2009

[Unfortunately, I don't speak Hungarian and can't translate or reply to this communication]

A nevem KURUCZ rpád Szlovákiaban élek 52 éves vagyok.

Tudok Szlovakul beszélni, magyarul Szeretnék tobet tudni a kurucz nevrol. Orulok hogy megtalaltamaz Interneten eztaz oldalt.

Viszontlátásra Arpád Kurucz

June Kuruc, USA, April 2009 -----> HELP REQUEST! <------

My name is June and my grandfather was Vincent Kuruc and he lived in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania until he died around 1964. I have been looking for information on him for a while and was wondering if you could help. He was married to Dolores Wasmuth Kuruc and they had one child, my mother Joan Dolores Kuruc. He had a sister who we called aunt Anna but I dont know anything about her either. My mother passed away so I've been searching the net. Anything would help. Thanks, June.

Dörthe Heidenreich, Germany, March 2009

[I don't speak German well enough to translate and reply to this email]

Ich bin richtig glöcklich, den Namen Kurucz mal "gegoogelt" zu haben. Ich möchte der Liste Der Kurucz-Familie hiermit ergönzen.

Mein Vater, Frantisek Kurucz wurde in Budapest als 12. Kind geboren. Er musste die Familie aus "Kostengrönden" verlassen. Als halbes Kind ging er nach Berlin, um Musik zu studieren.

Auch sein Bruder Lacy verließ Ungarn, um letztendlich in Hamburg eine "Kapelle" als Geiger zu gründen. Dieser Kapelle folgte Frantisek Kurucz als Cymbalom-Spieler. Als es Streitereien in der Kapelle gab, machte sich mein Vater Frantisek Kurucz als Solist auf dem Cymbalom selbstständig. Mit großem Erfolg. Er füllte in ganz Europa große Hallen und hatte großen Erfolg.

Sein Leben bestand ganzjährig aus Tourneen mit Katarina Valente, Heinz Erhardt, Erich Kästner und viele andere damalige noch nicht "Größen.

Mein Vater war damals bis zum heutigen Tag der größte Cymbalom-Künstler aller Zeiten. Er hat die klassische Musik mit einem einzigen Instrument beherrscht.

Er lebte für seine Musik. Ich habe noch Schallplatten von ihm. Und sein geliebtes Instrument gibt es auch noch. Wenn es jemanden gibt, der Interesse daran zeigt, bitte melden! Ich habe ein altes Cymbalom zu vergeben. Leider ist er verstorben. Zu seiner großen Verwandtschaft in Ungarn ist seit seinem Tod leider jeder Kontakt abgebrochen.

Das war mein Beitrag aus Hamburg/Deutschland zu dem Namen Kurucz, den meine Mutter immer noch trägt.

- Dörthe Heidenreich

Julius Kurucz, South Africa, February 2009

Came across a website on the internet this past weekend and found your e-mail address. As you can see I'm a Kurucz as well, which is from my Father, who emigrated round about 1958 / 1959 with his wife and 2 sons. It was just him and his brother, Attila, who came across to South Africa. My father was born in 1937 in a Southern Town called Gyor.

From stories he's told their "Original" name was Matosek, but then took the Kurucz surname also because of the expected intergration of that particular region being incorporated into the old Czechoslovakia.

Frantisek Kurucz, near Nové Zámky, Slovakia, January 2009

My name is Frantisek Kurucz and I live in Slovakia 20 km from Nové Zámky. My father is Kurucz and my grandfather was Kurucz and his father was Kurucz. But I dont know nothing about the war. Thanks for information about our name.

Kurucz František
00421 903719968
Kuruc Company spol.s.r.o.
Nitrianska 59
Šurany , Slovakia


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Contributions in 2008

Peter Kurucz, Nové Zámky, Slovakia, December 2008

My name is Peter Kurucz and I am from Nové Zámky, Slovakia. I always thought that our name is related to Kuruc army...

check this:



James Ronald Kurucz, USA/Canada, 2008

My name is James Ronald Kurucz, living in Lockport, New York,USA, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. I've done a bit of family tree history and some may be in error, but here's what I've found. James Ronald Kurucz and William Joseph Kurucz , sons of Michael Kurucz . Michael James Kurucz, (1907-1981) , my father, born in Esterhazy, Sk. was the son of Joseph Kurucz (1866-1967) , and Mary Smerekovsky( 1884- ? ) and Joseph Kurucz was the son of Michael L. Kurucz (1834-1927) and Mary Lengel.

My grandfather Joseph emigrated from Hungary , possibly through the U.S. but settled in Esterhazy, SK , and he had brothers Steven and Vincent. Some of this following may be in error and Helen Loranger may be able to correct some of it as I sent her a copy of the family tree I came up with but here goes:

Michael L. Kurucz -born 1834 in Vissoly Abiytorna Hungary, emigrated to Canada in 1886,homesteaded a quarter section 4 miles west of Kaposvar church,sent for 4 children and wife came with children, Joseph, Vincent, Barbara but 1 girl deceased. Michael L died 1927,buried in Kaposvar cemetery.His son Joseph,my grandfather,born Oct 28, 1866, Vissoly Abiytorna Hungary and died Nov 23,1967 in Buffalo,NY. My father, Michael James Kurucz born in Stockholm, SK Nov 6 ,1907 had brothers Joseph, Nicholas Charles Kurucz, Louis Peter Kurucz, Jack Kurucz, George Francis Thomas Kurucz,and sisters Rose Kurucz and Mary Kurucz.

Michael L Kurucz 1834-1927} Mary Lengel } Joseph Kurucz 1866-1967 } Michael James Kurucz 1907-1981

Mary Smerekovsky 1884-? } Joseph Kurucz 1902-1952
Nicholas Charles Kurucz
Louis Peter Kurucz
Jack Kurucz
Mary Kurucz
Rose Kurucz
George Francis Thomas Kurucz

For Nicholas T Kurucz, your grandfather was my uncle and I remember Christmas at my grandfather's when we were kids and Uncle Nick and Aunt Ruth came with Chuck and Tom. Might have an old picture somewhere. Last time any of us got together was when Jay Jackson passed away. He was married to Ann Kurucz Jackson and she was Uncle Joe's daughter. Joe and Nick were brothers to my dad, Mike, so Chuck and Tom and Ann were my first cousins.

For Dawn Brown, I email your aunt Helen all the time and this might be of some small help:

Michael L Kurucz 1834-1927 (same as in above) )
Mary Lengel } Vincent Kurucz } Frank Kurucz (1902-
Magdellene (Magdaline ?) Sikora } Steve Kurucz (1902-
Jim Kurucz (1906
Mary Kurucz(1908-
Anne Kurucz (1910-
Margaret Kurucz (1916
Paul Kurucz (1912-
Elizabeth Kurucz
Helen Kurucz(1922-
John Kurucz (1926-1936)
Joseph Kurucz (1920
From above same Steve Kurucz:

Steve Kurucz (1902} Joanne Kurucz ( 1937-> Anne ?? } Bernard Rychlo} Germaine Kurucz

Bernie Miklos

My further info may have some errors but this is what I have: Children of Vincent Kurucz and Magdellene Sikora: Frank Kurucz had 4 chikdren, oldest child died of M.S.

Steve Kurucz b. 12/29/1902
Jim kurucz b. May15,1906-- died of heart attack date unknown
Anne Kurucz b. 10/15/1910 address box 125, Esterhazy,SK SOA OXO
Margaret Kurucz b. 3/05/ 1016 , 3 children ,died of cancer
Paul Kurucz, b. 4/28/1912 killed overseas in WW2
Elizabeth Kurucz, 2 children, still living as of 12/20/01
Helen Kurucz Loranger apt 204 ,1188 Parkgate Ave,North Vancouver, BC V7H 3A4 John Kurucz b.8/20/1926 , d. 1/05/1936
Joseph Kurucz b. 1/18/1920

My personal info: James Ronald Kurucz , born 11/15/1941 in Buffalo, NY, U.S. Navy 1959-1962, Torpedoman's Mate 2nd onboard USS Gainard DD706, 2 tours 6th fleet, Persian Gulf, retired teamster truck driver, single, never married, brother William, married, has 4 sons.

What information on the Kurucz family I have been able to get I owe mostly to my Uncle George's widow Elizabeth (Betty (Hegedus) ) Kurucz and some possibly faulty memories. Also Sister Bernarda from the Sisters of Social Service sent me a book "Three Generations" The Hungarian Colony At Stockholm, Saskatchewan Canada.

Addendum: December 2008:

I overlooked something and I think but can't verify that I received it from one of my Canadian relatives, but there was some reference to a Paul Kurucz having died in WW 2. My information is that there was a Gunner Paul P. Kurucz, age unknown, Gunner, 5 Anti Tank Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, died Aug.10th,1944, burial Bretteville-Sur-Laize, Canadian War Cemetery, Caen, France, Plot V11, F.6.

Thought this might be of interest and should not be forgotten or lost.

Larry Kuruc, USA, 2008 -----> Request for help, please! <------

My name is Larry Kuruc and I live in Ft. Myers Florida. I'm 48 years old and have 2 brothers and 2 sisters plus numerous cousins mostly in PA. My grandfather and granmother came to America in 1906 from what is now Slovakia. They met and married here in Vandergrift, PA. My cousin Tom has done research on the family and has made a trip to Europe and has actually found relatives in Slovakia. From what I can gather from my grandparents marriage certificate, my grandfather is from Czirokabela which is close to the Poland border. His father whose name was Thomas was from Lehnice Szepes in Slovakia. My grandfather's name on the boat registration is Kurucz but his marriage certificate says Kuruc. For the longest time we felt we were the only family with the Kuruc-Kurucz name so imagine my surprise at all the people on the website named Kuruc name as well. I am really fascinated with the history of the Kuruc rebellion and would be interested if you have more information about it or where I could find it elsewhere. I would also like to know if you know any other Kurucs from the regions I mentioned above. If you need more info I can contact my cousin for it. I look forward to hearing from you or any other Kurucs out there.

Paulo J. Toekoely, Russian Federation, 2008

Nice to meet all of of you with the help of the internet !!! ---maybe we should introduce an interactive platform ?---

My grand-grand-grand..........father was imre toekoely, or thoekoely written in hungarian language, duke and later king of transsilvania, upper hungary and today's slovakia.one of the leaders of the kurucz rebels as you all know. The family rested in the then-border region of kezmarok (former hungary), german kaesmark, and kosice (today slovakia). They were still noblemen until 1945, possessing huge areas, some castles etc. Unfortunately, the red army entered in 1945. So they had to disappear.

My father joszef toekoely, born 1928, emigrated to germany, arriving there in 1948 only. Became german some years later. He passed away in 2005 at the age of 77.

I was born at stuttgart / germany in 1955, and 'took the other direction', emigrated first to brazil and in 2005 --- to russia where i'm busy with industrial connections between the eu and germany.

Would be very nice to hear more from you, wherever you are.

Julius (Gyula) Kuruc, USA, 2008

My name is Julius Kuruc and I live in USA/California.

It's nice to know, how many Kuruc's families are spread around the world. Note that My last name is spelled with out "z". I was born in Slovakia, where they "removed" the "z"?!

Nicholas T Kurucz, USA, 2008

Thomas Paul Kurucz
Father was Nicholas Kurucz
Brother was Charles Kurucz

My name is Nicholas Kurucz, I am Thomas' son. just wanted to say hi. My father and uncle are from Buffalo, NY where my grandfather Nicholas worked at the Ford Motor plant for years.

[Nick adds some more information shared by his father:]

My Grandfather.....Joseph Kurucz (Born Hungary) he married Mary Smerkovsky (Russian). Immigrated to the United States at age nine locating in Cleveland, Ohio. Moved to Kapsovar County, Saskatchewan, Canada. A colony (small town) south of Esterhazy, CA. Married and moved to farm in Bakersfield, Vermont where my dad (real Boppy) was born. relocated to Elmira, New York where they farmed and railroaded. Moved to Buffalo, New York and worked at Fetters air-conditioning. That job was followed by twenty-five years as a section crewman on the New York Central railroad. Joseph Sr., had a brother or two whereabouts unknown. All were Hungarian and Russian immigrants Boppy's (Nicholas') brothers and sisters, Joseph Jr., John, Michael, Alice, Louis, Mary, Rose, and George with two early deaths of others I think? Gramma Kurucz is Ruth Marie Westphal, who had a brother Gene and their parents were Edward August Westphal and Edna Gertrude Brown. German and French respectively.

Dragan Kurucic, Serbia, 2008

Hi my name is Dragan Kurucic I have "ic" because I live in Serbia. My grandmother told me story that we are from Ukraine (Russia). Kuruc is title (Sir, in England) they were wariors and kill many people. Later they must go from their land because the was corse from church. Sorry for my english.

Mark Kuruc, USA, 2008

I just came across your website and I felt that I should drop you an email. My name is Mark Kuruc, my father is Paul Kuruc, and his father is Paul Kuruc (Deceased). I am 26 years old and I live in Ohio.

My grandmothers family is "Rozsa". I know that they have strong Hungarian roots. I however do not know much about them. I don't have much to say. I am just letting you know that we are out here.


Mark A. Kuruc

Josh Kurucz, USA, 2008

I was reading up on your website & I found out something really intresting. I found that there is a Micael Churilla listed from the USA. Its really funny to me cause this Michael Churilla is no relation to me as far as I know. But I do have a cousin whos name is Michael Churilla son of Michele Churilla (maiden name Kurucz) from Munhall, PA. I thought that this is intresting because what are the chances of this????? LOL Small world I guess! Anyhow I will fill you in as much as I know about my family that I know of.

My dad's name is Lawrence a.k.a. "Dinky" and he was the son of Rudolph Kurucz also had 3 girls Donna, Debbie,& Denise who are my dad's half sisters. Rudy was in the United States Air Force in th 1940`s to 1960`s that dealt with Sabre Jets he died in 7/19/1964 in Kansas on an Schilling Air force Base. Rudy had 2 Brothers Edward & Michael. Also Had 2 sisters Mary & Rose. Rudolph`s dads name was Michael & his mothers name was Rose. I really dont know too much before Rudy`s parents. They all resided in the Pittsburgh area & pretty much every male in my family has worked for United States Steel Corp. as far as I know.We were all "Mill Hunkies" refering to our Hungarian heritage. I just wanted to fill you in on a little bit of history that I know of. If anyone else out there knows of my family here in the pittsburgh area feel free to e-mail me.

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Contributions in 2007

Emmile Kurucz, 2007

I'm Emmile. i was looking at the website to see if i could find anything about myself. and i was very interested about getting a tattoo of an emblem on me.. but i didn't know what to get. so i wanted to see if there was a Kurucz one. and yeah.. i really like it. and i didnt know there was so much about my last name. i am kinda interested to hear more.

Yuri Balega, Russian Federation, 2007

I hope you continue to follow the history and connections of Kurucz family.

My name is Yuri Balega (54). I am a director of the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is located in the mountains of Caucasus, Russian Federation. The observatory operates two largest Russian astronomical telescopes - the Bolshoi Azimuth Telescope (BTA) with a mirror of 6 m diameter and the 600 m radio telescope RATAN-600.

My mother's family name is Kurucz, and I feel more Kurucz than others. My wife is Ildiko Holovacs from Hungary. I was born near the town of Munkacs, which is known as one of the principle regions of the Kurucz liberation movement. The castle of Mukacs was the residence of famous Ilona Zrinyi, the wife of Imre Thokoly. This territory belongs today to the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. In the past it was for centuries the Hungarian territory.

Gabor Lukacs from Hungary gave the correct history of kurucz name on your web-site.[See Gabor Lukacs' history at the bottom of this web page]

Most of researcher support the origin of this name as Kreuz [kroits], which means "cross"in Germain.

The kurucz(s) are known as hot-temper and fearless people. Most of the migration of kurucz(s) to the western world happend in the beginning of the 20th century.

I send you the photo of my Kurucz family made in 1933. My grandfather Yuri and my grandmother Maria are in the center. They are surrounded by their children including my mother Barbara, who was only 4 years old at that time. Note the difference in age between the oldest son Vasily (28) and the youngest Ilko (only 3 years old). At that time women could give birth to children during 25 years or more.

Mark Kurucz, USA, 2007 -----> Request for help, please! <------

Very interesting and informative Kurucz family website. I am hoping someone in your family line might be able to offer some assistance in identifying a FHC microfilm containing birth records.

Stefan (Istvan) Kurucz, single, age 28, a farmer, last residence Kisoroszi, Hungary (not Kis Zrosz as indicated) arrived at Ellis Island on March 12, 1905, through Bremen, Germany on the S.S. Brandenburg.

Stefan is listed on line 5 of the ship manifest beneath our grandparents who were from the same village, and all three listed Victor Levay in New York City as their local contact. We feel fairly confident this is Kisoroszi, Pest County and not Kisorosz, Torontal County from details contained in our grandmother's naturalization records.

I did not locate any of them on the FHC microfilm 0613075 for Kisoroszi, Pest County. Films 0613188 and 0613189 for Visegrad include a few Kurucz families but Istvan was not born into any of those. His family could have been affiliated with a different Roman Catholic parish in the surrounding area. If anyone has located his birth record circa 1877, I would appreciate knowing the microfilm number because our grandmother (Josephine/Josepha Aberle b-1875) might be included on that same film.

It is possible Stefan later lived in Genesee County, Le Roy Township, according to the 1910 census where he is listed as Steven Kuruc, age 32, single and a lodger. HeritageQuest reference Series T624, Roll 951, Page 261, Sheet 17B, Line 71

FYI, I recall seeing the Kurucz surname on numerous films from Komarom County between Bokod, Tolna, Tarjan and into Nyerges-Ujfalu.

Thanks for any assistance you might be able to offer.

Mark in Tampa, Florida


From a new message, January 2008:

In the event you are compiling a database of Hungarian village names where Kurucz activity has been identified, I can confirm a presence in Kis Oroszi, Pest County primarily in the mid- to late-1870's, a sizable population in Tarjan/Tarian, Komarom County and a very large family in Tardos, Komarom County dating back to the mid-1750's and up through 1895. I am currently researching Tarjan and Tardos.

The surname spelling varies in Tardos from Kurucz to Kurutz, I am attaching a couple sample birth and marriage records from that area.The name Belik was also spelled Bilik and Urban was spelled Orbanin the 1700's. I remember my mother telling how difficult it was to read and decipher correspondence from the writing style of the time.

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate 1

Marriage Certificate 2

Marriage Certificate 3

Michael Churilla, USA - 2007 & 2008

My Kurucz family came from what is currently Niedzica Zamok, (Poland http://www.pieniny.sk/ciele/niedzica/en.html). At the time my great grandparents came to the USA in 1900 they spoke Slovak. Niedzica was part of the Austria Hungary Empire. They were ruled by the Hungarians. After the break up of the empire Poland got this section of the territory who people were considered Slovaks. The Kurucz family lived in the small village near the castle of Niedzica. The people were the workers at the castle. My great grandfather Ignatius was the carriage driver for the baron, his wife was a cook, and others were the servants. The castle of Niedzica has been restored by the Polish government and can be visited. I believe the z at the end of the name was added by the Hungarian language. In Slovakia the name is Kuruc. There are Kuruc who live in Matiasovce, Slovakia. Which is about 2 KM away from Niedzica, Poland.

Michal Kurucz married Anna Bogaczyk. They had seven children: Jakub, Angnieska, Ignatius, John, Michael, Paul and Andrew.

The members of my Kurucz family immigrated to Abrams, Wisconson and Pittsburgh, PA areas.

From: Michael Churilla - son of Helen Smetana Churilla, she is daughter of Anna Kurucz Smetana, she is daughter of Ignatius Kurucz and Maria Macsurak.

Addition: May 2008:

Origin of the KURUCZ family name:


"Several times the castle was captured by the Hungarians. One of the camps - Jan Zizka's camp - had been here for three years. The camp was renamed - a camp TABORE. The up rising of the partakers of various rebellions began about 1670. Perhaps they are the descents of the Kuruc family. Tököly's Kurucs they were named. And the family is really named after them. They were very able-bodied men. They captured the castle several times. It was a very difficult task to capture it because there was some trenches with water around the castle."

"Old people say the Kuruc family name came from the rebellions of Tököly's uprising in the 17th century. It was about 1670. Some of the rebels (known as the Kurucs) stayed here. They were very big and strong men. "

The second reference: A History of the Habsburg Empire 1526-1918 by Robert A Kann, page 73. a general revolutionary peasant force, the Kurucok, emerged from these actions and remained at least as guerillas in being for a generation.

"Kurucok'(1) -Yet a general revolutionary peasant force 1620- 1720 led by Imre Thokoly a noble from Upper Hungary." (1) The name derives either from the Latin curx (cross), the peasant revolting in the name of the cross, or from the turkish word Khurudsch(the rebel) " page 121

The rising of the Kurucoks under the leadership of Francis Rakoczy II culminating in the revolutionary Hungarian - Transylvanian diet of Onod of 1707 led to defeat in the peace of Szatmar of 1711, spelling disaster for the cause of unfree peasants in reconquered Hungary and Transylvania

Michael Churilla

Darren Kurucz, Canada - 2007

Darren is seeking any information on the coat of arms for the Kurucz family and what the individual symbols on it mean.

Please contact Paul Kurucz if you can help!

"Bunny" Kurucz, USA, 2007

My maternal grandmother was Mary Kurucz.. she was born in Lupeni, Romania, on March 12,1895. Her father was Nicholas Kurucz and her mother was Anna Postak.

I have no concrete information of her in Romania. I would like to make a connection with someone.....

Thank you in advance for any help....

Robert Kurucz, Czech Republic, 2007

My name is Robert Kurucz (21), like my father and grandpa too. Our familly live in Ostrava in Czech Republic.

Grandpa and grandma came from Hungary and Slovakia border after WWII. I write more, if I find more info (I must ask for more :)

So, I'm very glad that I find your web site!

David Kurucz, Czech Republic, 2007

Hi everyone there my name is David Kurucz and i from Czech republic....My father is Vincenc Kurucz and he also from Czech republic but nationaliti Slovakia and my GrandFather was Vincent Kurucz he was born may 17 1925 i know is was county NOVE ZAMKY city Tardosked or Taidosked..So i dont know is this help,but is nice to connect with some body..I m living now in Florida but soon i will move back to Europe Czech republic... I m proud to be Kurucz because my grand father was hardwork and very nice person.... David Kurucz

Adrian Kurucz, Romania, 2007

My name is Adrian Kurucz. I am born and living in Romania, Otelu Rosu city, my father (Gavril Kurucz) was born in Hungary near Balaton lake. We are 3 family in this area of Romania all kindred after my grandfather. I heard the first story about Kurucz clan from my parents and it is the same whith the story about the horseman on your homepage. I'm proud of my name and my origin.

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Contributions in 2006

Connie Bishop, USA, 2006 -----> Request for help, please! <------

...My granddaughter has an ancestress by the name of Maryana Kurucz born in 1891 in Budapest, Hungary. She immigrated to the US in 1905 according to family records...although census gives 1912 and 1914. She married Joseph Walentich (later changed to Valentic) from Govejipolji, Yugoslavia. They divorced in 1930 and she remarried Frank Master. They lived in Ottawa Co Ohio. Mary died in 1966 probably in the same county. I would be interested in learning more about her family. Thanks.

Jacqueline Ann Kuruc, Canada, 2006 -----> Request for help, please! <------

I don't really know where to start with this, but was wondering if you would have any kind of contacts out there, that might lead me somewhere.

My maiden name is Jackie Kuruc. I know nothing of my family history. All that I know is that my father: John Michael Kuruc: born October 22, 1932, came over (to Canada) from Hungary with his father, when he was a young boy. He always told us that he had only sisters in his family, no other boys. He was estranged from us for many years....(that is why no info)...and he passed away in 1996, aged 63. I believe that his father passed away in the province of Ontario, around 1960.... as far as my mother knows.

I am looking for anything to go on. I believe that I am named after my father's mother, my full name being, Jacqueline Ann Kuruc, and I believe her name to be Anna. My grandfathers name could also be John or Michael. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Andrew Kurutz, USA, 2006

I'm Andrew Stephen Kurutz, the brother of Monica Kurutz-Kosinar who contacted you with a lot of her own genealogical research, which she has passed on to me as well. We have 3 spellings floating about in our family. My step-grandmother who married my father's father, spells it Kuruc. My father's mother I believe, had the name changed to Kurutz. My father's uncles spelled it Kurucz and one of them told me I should change it back to Kurucz, but my mother objected saying Kurutz is my father's name and I should keep it. Many if not most of my relatives still live in Slovakia. My mother was born in Bratislava and her father (name, Pottfay) was Hungarian.

I live in Chicago.

Thank you for the interesting info from all your correspondents with the same names. I don't feel as obscure after all! I am gladly open to corresponding with others.

Monica Kurutz-Kosinar, USA, 2006

I found your website on the Kurucz interesting since I come from a Line of Kurucz, Kuruc and my father's name changed to Kurutz....

I have a recent history from Michael Sura who has done research for me finding relatives for me in Brezina and relatives, I'm told in Kocise, Slovakia.

Monica shared this very interesting document with me (thank you, Monica!) and may wish to share it with you. Please contact me (Paul Kurucz) and I will forward your emailrequest on to Monica. If you think you may be related to Monica or anyone else listed here (including me!), please let me know and I will get you in touch with the person(s).

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Contributions in 2005

Gene Kurtz, USA, 2005

Note from Paul Kurucz: Gene's message continues to confirm my theory that the Kurucz name has been changed over the years for many reasons. Many Kurucz's are researching their family trees. If you think you may be able to connect to Gene's tree, please contact me (Paul Kurucz) and I will forward your message on to Gene.

I was born in Perth Amboy NJ and grew up with the name Kurtz. However, when I went into the service, my birth certificate reglected my name as "Kuruc". The midwife left off the Z.

I had my name officially change, in the service, to Kurtz. My grandfather was named Stephen Kurucz who came from Hungary....My grandfather had two boys named Eugene and Ladeslau (don't know if that is spelled right) However, he died at a very young age. He was a twin. Two girls were also born to him. They were named Bertha (After her mother) and Barbara Anne after her grandmaother. My Aunt Bertha is still living in Culver City Ca. She is 91 years old. Anne died a few years ago.

Greg Caroots (Kurucz), USA, 2005

I am hungarian. For some reason my grandpa had the spelling of our name changed to caroots! Its Kurucz whats so hard about that? I need to get it changed back. How can I do that? My name is Greg Caroots or Kurucz.

Greg Mikolas, Canada, 2005

My name is Greg Mikolas and I hail (originally) from the Esterhazy area of Saskatchewan. I stumbled upon your web site when I did a search for "Paul Kurucz", however, the Paul I was searching for was my Grandfather, Steve Kurucz's brother, killed in action, WWII.

I know little of GrandDad's family as they were located in Alberta and BC [Canada] for the most part. The purpose of this note is born from curiosity I suppose, as my wife and I are currently operating/building a large genealogy web site and I do plan on researching the Kurucz ancestors and lineage at some time in the none too distant future.

The short line on GrandDad's family - Steve and Anne Kurucz
Joanne (daughter)
Germaine (daughter)

Áranka Kurucz Jäckel, Germany, 2005

I just searched for any further information about my family name - my name is Áranka Kurucz - and I am glad to have found your page. I try to get further information from my father, who was born in Hamburg but also his father (born 1896) and whole family came from Hungary and I remember my grandpa saying:

"Never forget to be proud to be a Kurucz! You have a long history!"

I know, there were several discussions with brothers and cousins - still living in hungary, but they all were born in CENICA in the former "Slowakai". Even my family - since long before the 2nd world war living in Budapest - is using the different Kuruc and KURUCZ. But they definately have the same parents!

Tom Kurucz, Canada, 2005

In between household chores I decided to Google our name and voila! And there you were. My parents are from Hungary (Sopron) and immigrated to Canada in 1957 during the revolution. I have been meaning to sit down with them and begin to record all the family history they can remember before it's too late, but we never seem to make it happen. Finding your website has inspired me to get on with it. Between family life and house reno's, it just seems like there's never enough time.

We also hope to visit Hungary next summer if my mom's health holds out. She's only 73 but struggles with some medical problems. My parents have been back a couple times, but I have never been to Europe, and would love to take my kids to see Hungary with my parents so they can show us around. We're hoping and praying that it will work out because I think it would be a fabulous trip, and truly a once in a lifetime experience to see the country with my parents.

They have so many stories of their lives; their escape at nightfall (with my then 2 year old brother in tow), the boat ride to Canada where they knew no one and not a word of English, and their successful and fulfilled lives raising a family in their new country. Information, details and history that must be recorded for future generations.

Meredith Kurucz, USA, 2005

Hi there--just came across your website and thought it was interesting. I married a Kurucz and was told by my husband's grandfather that the name means "cross" in English. He also rolls the "r" and has told us that that is the correct pronunciation of it. It's an interesting last name to carry (and also burdensome when no one can pronounce it). We also have a Daniel Kurucz --he is 4. Not such a small world after all, is it???

Miranda Kurucz, Canada, 2005

I was just doing some research on my family's ancestry and I came across your article! And then I noticed you lived on Vancouver Island, I just thought all of that was neat. My name is Miranda Kurucz, ... and my grandpa is full hungarian (my dad half.. I 1/4) ... Hey I also own a horse, and I train them! That's kinda neat. Maybe it is in the blood ;-) anyways, I just thought I'd email you because I found your article interesting, and I never hear of other Kurucz's outside of our immediate family...

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Contributions in 2004

Alexander Kurucz, Switzerland / UK, 2004

For your interest, my grandfather's family originates just over the border from Slovakia, in Bukowina Tatrzanska...About 10 years back I went back to Bukowina and visited a graveyard there. I was surprised to discover that the name on the various headstones (I think that I counted about 10) was 'Kuruce'. There were no 'Kurucz' headstones. Also there is a hill in Bukowina called 'Kuruce' - the e at the end makes the word sound like a plural or possessive in Polish, just like an s-suffix in English.

I don't know who changed the family name... It seems to have been a reasonably common practise in the area.

The pronounciation of 'cz' approximates to 'c' in Polish and the former spelling looks perhaps a little less foreign, I'm not sure. Maybe when the family immigrated to the UK my grandfather took the chance to amend his name in the passport application? Certainly 'Kurucz' is a rare name in Poland.

In England most Kurucz's are Hungarian as far as I can tell. Back in about 1985 when Iran downed a Panam there were two British Kurucz's on board. In about 1 hour I got phoned by at least 6 British journalists to say that family members were on the plane - I had to admit that they were not relatives of mine.

Helene Kurucz, Austria, 2004

I have read another version about the history of the Kurucz-Name: You wrote on your homepage about the horseman. This horseman called themselves "Kuruzzen". The word comes from the turkish word kurudsch, which means rebel, insurgent. I've got this information from the book: Die Ungarn (The Hungarians) written by Paul Lendvai, published by Bertelsmann.

Tracey Montgomery (nee Szusz), Canada, 2004

Kurucz Great Grandmother: Elizabeth Kurucz, Paks town Hungary.

Catherine Kurucz, South Africa, 2004

My name is Catherine Kurucz. My dad was born in SZABADHEDY, Hungary. I'm so desperately trying to find his family and am having no luck.

Zsazsa Kurucz-Bull,UK, 2004

My father was born in Hungary close to the Romanian border, and his father was born in what used to be old part of Hungary which is now Romania.

My father told me there used to be villages of families....and the Kurucz family were from Romania.

Our name is one of the earliest of Hungarian names I believe.

When I was last in Hungary some time ago, my cousin presented me with a book which he retrieved from his loft.

The book was titled 'The Last of the Kurucz's' it was obviously all in Hungarian...but I was eager to find out the story. Unfortunately since then my father seems to have misplaced the book and I have been trying to trace another ever since.

History of Kurucz Name - Gábor Lukács , Pécs, Hungary

Gábor is not a Kurucz, but is a police officer in Hungary studying history part time at the University of Pécs. He was kind enough to forward the following history of the Kuruc and Kurucz name. A fascinating read! Thank you, Gábor!

I'm Gábor Lukács (Gabriel Lucas...) from Hungary, just a hungarian police officer, but now i am studying history at university of Pécs in my free time. So I think I know what is the meaning or origin the name: kuruc!

In 1664 the hungarian and austrian (Habsburg) army defeat the turkish army at Szentgotthárd. The triump was very big, but the Habsburg emperor, Leopold I. won't fight further and made peace with the sultan, because he wanted to fight against Louis the XIV., the french king.

The hungarian nobleman disappointed in Leopold, and started to organise resistance. It was the conspiracy by count of Wesselányi, but the emperor came to know this, and executed he and his companions. He dismissed the hungarian soldiers from the hungarian fortress and castles, and after this he call foreign army into castles. You don't forget that they were in war against the Ottoman Empire in Hungary! From the unemployed soldier and from the hajdus (hajdu means hungarian buckaroo with weapon) some noblemen - who dissappointed in Habsburg emperor - organise an army. This army used guerilla tactic against the german forces, and against the turkish empire.

The name of these soldiers in this time (1670-1711) were kuruc.

You, Paul think right, their name came from the cross. It was a crusade against the german and the turkish for the free and independence Hungary! The hungarian historicals call this age: between two paganish.

The most of them were light cavalry. Their first leader was Imre Thököly, who conquer with the kurucs north Hungary in 1678-82. But in 1683 arrived a huge turkish army, who wanted occupy Vienna, but it were defeated. After the assault of Vienna, the Habsburg emperor Leopold I. (1657-1705) started to reconquista of Hungary from the turkey.

Thököly wanted to fight further against the german (or austrian, Habsburg etc.), but the kuruc army wanted to help in the war of reconquista.

In 1689 the most territory of Hungary were free from the ottoman empire, but the german army was too cruel with the hungarian villages, and with hungarian people, so the kurucs wanted to fight against the german. But at this time the austrian army was too big and the kurucs (kuruc is means one man, kurucs is means many kuruc...) were weak. They live in the hills, forests and swamp and hated the german soldiers who wore snow-white uniform. They was named labanc by hungarian people. It was the labanc vs. kuruc war. When I was a small kid, we play in the garden of the school labanc against kuruc, of course my every classmates wanted to be kuruc... :) The labanc's religion was katolist, and the kuruc's religion was lutherian or kalvinist. So they hated each other.

The kuruc army wore a rusty color uniform, or brown-red uniform.

The next big war name was the independent war of Rákóczi. Rákóczi Ferenc II. was prince of Transylvania. He was the mst famous hungarian hero and the biggest kuruc leader too!


In this war (1703-1711) the hungarian army was defeated by the austrian army (labanc you know). The worshipful prince was on the run to France, to his alliance XIV. Louis. But the french king won't to fight against german, so he had to go from France. He went to Istambul, to the turkish sultan, and hoped, that he will help. But he didn't help of course. So he stayed near Istambul, in a small city: Rodosto. Rákóczi Ferenc the second (is correct in this form?) died there in 1735. He was the biggest and the last kuruc. When in 1905 his ashes was brought home with a train, millions Hungarian stood near rails where the train went! He rest in the kalvinist temple of Kassa (the biggest city in North Hungary, homeland of the kurucs), present day in Slovakia.

After the Independence war of Rákózci, from the kuruc army was organised the hussar! The most famous hungarian soldier type! Are you heard about them? Hm? A light horseman in a beautiful uniform in the wars of XVIII. century, and in Napoleonic wars. That was the golden era of the hungarian hussars!

Other things... Some hundreds years ago the hungarians abc wasn't definite, so some people wrote the hungarian consonant how they want. Kurutz, Kurucz or Kuruc are mean just the same. I think, that the Kuruc with cz or tz means that this people were nobleman, because they cultivate the tradition and knew how wrote theirs ancestor's names. When you see a hungarian name with an y (i) or ts (cs in hugarian), tz (c) it means, that ancestor of this family were nobleman or aristokrate.

For example: the normal name: Kovács (smith) but a nobleman wore this name: Kováts. This writing style is seemed older you know... :) (The hungarian noblemen were very foppish...)

The name: Kuruc is common in Hungary.

I want that you will be proud of your name, I think that your grand-grand-grandfater was a kuruc soldier! :) This is a good hungarian name.

Kuruc cavalry:

Wounded Kuruc:

Tököly's Tomb with kuruc guards:

A further update from Gábor, a few days after he sent the first message, above: (thank you again, Gábor!)

I thought, that I should search some pages about kurucs (kurucok - in hungarian plural) because my english and memory is not to good...


So I found some very good page about Imre Thököly (the kuruc king) and his wife Ilona Zrínyi and of course about Ferenc Rákóczi II.

Oh, and you have to read about Vak Bottyán (Bottyán the Blind) the great kuruc general, and László (Leslie) Ocskay the kuruc colonel who become a traitor and labanc at end of the independence war of Rákóczi through a beautiful labanc spy woman. We have a very good book about this story by Mór Jókai: "Szeretve mind a vérpadig" (I'm trying it translate: To be loved forever until scaffold). Colonel László Ocskay were executed by sword in castle of Érsekújvár on Christmas Eve at 1710. His lover, the labanc spy woman went crazy, because she had a letter from the emperor, and an offer in this letter: kuruc officer hostige for Ocskay. But she was late, and she saw just the head of her lover on the top of the highest tower of Érsekújvár.It was the kuruc's vengeance!

When kuruc leaders heard, that Ocskay became traitor, a small kuruc team went into Vienna in labanc clothes, into the lair of the lion, and kidnapped him for judgement.

It's a good story, isn't? We hungarians have very long and intresting history! :)

(The following information refers to a dead link, but I have kept mhere as it may be useful:)

"You can see on the top of the page a stamp with a kuruc vs. labanc battle. The text on the stamp: HUNGARIAN POST- Unknown painter: Kuruc - labanc battle (part). I remember that this picture there was in my history book in the elementary school. The kuruc soldiers used an ancient hungarian weapon: fokos. It is a small axe like the indian tomahawk but it's pole is longer because they were horseman".

Again Rákóczi's and Thököly's history, and the famous picture from the young Ferenc Rákóczi II. by Ádám Mákonyi in 1711.


In the hungarian language we have 44 sound, but when we arrived to Carpatian Basin had to use the latin alphabet. In latin alphabet are little number of character for hungarian sounds.

Hungarian alphabet:


The first hungarian king (Saint Stephen r. 997-1038) destroyed every ancient hungarian writing, and made some law, and must use the latin alphabet. It wasn't problem for some centuries, because we used the latin language in official place. But 500 years ago - like other nations - we started to use our native language in letters.

For many hungarian sounds they couldn't find good alternative in latin alphabet. So tried to use some characters for the good hungarian sounds.

The hungarian "c" isn't same the english "c", but similar the "ts" in the word: tsunami. The ancient hungarian knew this problem, so make some version of the solution: kurucz, kurutz.

During the centuries clear out every sound writing rules, but not in the XVII. century. Present day we write kuruc, and say kuruc. 300 years ago we wrote kurucz or kurutz and say kuruc.

Other example: Your father name was Ferenc Kurucz. One hundred years ago Ferenc was Ferencz...

Here you can read about the language:


The writing rules changed during the centuries, but the names didn't. They wrote Kurucz in 1751? So we write same in present day!

Don't forget, that kurucz and kurutz were made for latin language, and isn't english! The english "cz" sound in "czeh" word same the hungarian "cs" in cseh (czeh) but don't similar the hungarian "c". I don't know, you use the "tz" in english language? We used it for 400 years.

Kuruce, kurucen, kurtz I don't know these words, they aren't hungarian.

Some fact about kuruc coat of arms, flags, motto etc.:

Kuruc's coat of arms never exist, because in the early XVIII. century,every second hungarian were kuruc, the other part was labanc... :) It was a civil war. One party wanted a foreign king because they to be feared that turkish army come back and we need the german help, the other party wanted hungarian king because they thought that the Habsburg king betrayed us!

Every hungarian count, baron, warlord, nobleman wore coat of arms from the former centruies. Which one is the real kuruc coat of arm?

Here you can see the list of kuruc generals:


and the list of kuruc colonels (we have a special word for kuruc colonel: brigadéros):


I would say that choose the Rákóczi family coat of arms. This famous, and most powerful dynasty gave 4 princes to Transylvania in XVI. and XVII. century, so they coat of arms build from Transylvania coat of arms. Here is the coat of arms II. Gyórgy (George) Rákóczi, Ferenc's grandfather, prince of Transylvania:


Here is the coat of arms of Transylvania, and princes of Transylvania:


The star and the half moon symbol of the siculi (I didn't find this name in english dictionary, this is the latin form, they were hungarian group in Transylvania, they joined to us in the ancient age, they are maybe hun, today speak hungarian), the 7 keep or tower is symbol of the german-saxon (they came to Hungary in the early XIII. century, the 7 keep is similar the 5 viking castle in England) and the black eagle is symbol of the hungarians.

So the Rákóczi's coat of arms: a black eagle with sword on a wheel.

The other famous "kuruc" coat of arms is belong to Tarpa village. It located in north-east Hungary. There was a poor man, Tamás (Thomas) Esze (it's meaning smarty) who got this villages for his duty in 1708: (english version)


The kuruc motto was: CUM DEI PRO PATRIE AT LIBERTATE (latin) it's meaning: By god for home (country) and freedom.

We, hungarians came from near of the Ural mountains, not from western China. Hungarians are white man (caucasian), and not mongolian or something else. Never see other hungarians face, just european. Until they don't start to speak I don't know he is german, english, russian etc. The most hungarians have brown hair and brown eyes. Of course we had long way to here, so met huns, scythian, kazar, besenyo (I don't know english name), kun, some slavic and turkish nation, german etc. Hungarian people mostly mixed from them. The hungarians girls are beautiful about this reason... :)

Here is the history of the language:


And history of the Hungary:


I hope this letter will help you understand some kuruc's things...


As Yuri Balega (another contributor to this page) said, the kuruc are known as hot-temper, fearless people. An kuruc attack was extremly fast, and brave. After the kuruc war, the Habsburg kings tried to assimilate the hungarians to the german (austrian) nation. In 1784. the king II. Jozef made a law: everybody have to speak in german. Of course the wave of indignation led to, that everybody started to looking for grandfather's kuruc uniform, and speak just hungarian. It was the birthday of the hungarian nationalism. After this time, the people had to say kuruc for an nationalism hungarian.

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