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Moving Back to Canada

Resources for Expatriate Canadians returning to Canada after living in the U.S. or further abroad

Life Change and Transition Support

Personal Life Transition Support - Paul Kurucz

When caring and sensitive support would help with your life change and transition considerations

"I am going through a big life change and am uncertain if, when, and how I should move back to Canada.

If yes, should I move right now or when the future? Where "should" I live in Canada? How do I manage the sense of overwhelm of such a big move and adapting to life in Canada when I arrive?

"I have other personal considerations unique to my situation, too. Personal support for these considerations and this decision would be really helpful!"

Life Transition Lighthouse

This is a time of big change in the world and many people are experiencing big changes in their personal lives as well. Sometimes these are challenges such as illness or the passing of a loved one, a separation/divorce, an unexpected job loss, parents needing support, financial concerns, or feeling uncertain and concerned about what is happening in the world and in the place they are currently living.

Sometimes these are positive changes but with some uncertainty and overwhelm as well. Common examples include a new relationship with an invitation to move back to Canada, expecting a child, a new career opportunity in Canada, a change of job status to working remotely with the opportunity to live in Canada, or a pending retirement that is a wonderful opportunity to create a new lifestyle in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

I would be pleased to be of support if you are finding yourself in a time of personal change in your life and help would be appreciated. My approach is to hear you - really hear you - with emotionally intelligent support and the offering of consideration, options, and resources appropriate to your situation so that you feel safe, empowered, and have more clarity to make decisions and to move ahead with your life.

Having supported hundreds of Canadian expat clients and Graduate university students (aged 25-50+) during their major life change and move transitions I have wide and deep experience supporting people with all manner of challenges and opportunities and can offer a caring and safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and options.

How I can help:

Note: This support is for personal life transition considerations and concerns, not for questions and considerations regarding logistics, taxes, investments, government paperwork, rules, regulations, etc. If those are your primary concerns please engage my Professional Support services. Thank you!

A single support session

In this safe and private time you share your context and considerations and we explore perspectives, options, and possibilities together. Our meeting is an exploration of the personal aspects of your life transition to help you have greater clarity, understanding, and to feel more positive to move forward with life.

We meet by Zoom, Skype, or speak by phone typically for 1 hour or as needed.

Our conversation is private and confidential.

Fee: USD $125

Book a support session

Three support sessions

We start with the single support session noted above and then plan to meet twice more at key milestone points in your transition journey. These can be booked ahead of time or when you are ready to meet again. Everyone's path is unique and your experience and need for support will be unique. Having 3 sessions together gives us the time to explore your journey as it unfolds when new information appears, when possible course changes need to be made, and if uncertainty, opportunities, or other factors cause you concern or excitement.

Fee: USD $300 for 3 sessions

Book a 3 session package

About Paul

Caring support through life change and life transition to a new home and lifestyle

Over the last 20 years I have advised and supported over 1500 individuals and families, helping them feel safe that their move is under control and empowering them to see the transition as exciting more than scary. Many of my clients were experiencing major life transitions, some positive and some challenging. As a former expatriate and parent of children who has lived overseas, I "get" how it feels to work through major change and to move home to Canada - scary and exciting at the same time!

And my 25 years as a university business professor teaching and supporting undergraduate and graduate international students gave me a deep and wide understanding of how rich and sometimes emotionally complicated a major life transition can be.

I was born and raised in the Toronto area and educated at Western University. After graduation I worked in industry and higher education and then chose an international assignment teaching and leading for 6-1/2 years in Dubai. Using the opportunity of living abroad I traveled widely in the world. Some time in living in the U.S. also helped me understand what life is like there. Having seen so many different aspects of life in Canada and abroad I have gained both insights into what makes life transitions a challenge and the emotional intelligence needed to understand and support others with the reality of the scale and scope of a major life transition.

Paul Kurucz


"Working with you as we go through this major life change and transition is more helpful than I can express."

- C. Renfer

"It was a pleasure meeting you! We found it an eye-opening, valuable and a rather "freeing" discussion. It made us very excited about our future!"

- L. W.

"Thank you so much for all your words, good advice and hearing what I was saying. It was so appreciated!!! Really was..."

- Aislin S.

"It was lovely to meet you and thank you very much for your help. It's filled me with confidence for this potential move!"

- L. O'Shea

"Your testimonials are right. I feel a lot better now!"

- H. Huang

"As always, thank you for your help Paul. By the way, the best investment I did during this move is to have you at my side. It was sooo reassuring and helpful. You are wonderful to work with."

- Annie R.

"Thanks again for all of your help during my transition back home your guidance was exactly what I needed."

- M. Hoo

"Thank you for your help and I am just so happy that someone like you exists. I was lost but hopefully I have found my way."

- A happy client

"I can’t adequately express how much these insights help. I feel like we now have a path forward and can start to get traction...I appreciate your service. It’s a real lifeline. Could we have done this without your help? Yes, but it would have been significantly more difficult and we surely would have fallen into many pitfalls that you helped us to avoid. Without a doubt, employing your help was some of the wisest money we have ever spent and it is not even close. My whole family thanks you immensely."

- E. Rubin

"Thanks Paul, can’t tell you how much help and peace of mind you have brought us."

- O. Dearing

"I gotta say that I never thought I would be having such an reflective, intellectual exchange about...moving - you bring a lot of wisdom and insight to my situation. Also, It’s not often that I see people in business making time and effort for clients"

- Joanne C.

"...thanks again for being there to help all of us who are navigating this strange new world called "coming home."

- A.C.

"I made it home and I am so thankful to you. Paul you were there for me and answered so promptly I could not believe. Your service was reassuring and well worthy. Thanks again for you guidance and reassurance!"

- H. Bailey

"Paul, thanks so much for the broad perspective and advice. Both are extremely helpful and appreciated."

- Kert P.

"I truly value and appreciate your genuine approach and kind service."

- Dana K.

Latest update to this page: February 2024

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