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All materials on this web site - 14 years of expertise and shared wisdom from Canadians around the world to help you move back to Canada smoothly and confidently!

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2 years of professional support by email for your move back to Canada. Your questions answered before, during, and after you move back! I have 14 years experience supporting over 750 Canadian individuals and families moving back to Canada.

"Thank you for your help Paul. I am so grateful for our exchange. Having a coach helps tremendously. It gives me the confidence I was looking for."

- A happy client - July, 2017

Questions and areas I support clients with include:

Bonus! Email support includes the Moving Back To Canada Planner / Checklist and free bonus Guide "Truth about Canada: 10 insights to empower you and your new life in Canada". A client testimonial: "The "Truth About Canada" insights are awesome." (July 2017)

2 years of professional email support: C$250

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Get all your health care, taxation, government forms, logistics, lifestyle, financial and other questions answered with a conversation with me so you can feel more prepared, confident, and clear of mind about your move back to Canada! This consulting and coaching service is available wherever you are in the world.

A one hour personal Skype, Google video, or telephone consultation. In-person consulations may also be possible.

+ includes Email support for 2 years (value $250)

+ includes the Moving Back To Canada Planner / Checklist and free bonus Guide "Truth about Canada: 10 insights to empower you and your new life in Canada"

Consultation + 2 years email support: C$500

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Note: If you have purchased Professional Email Support previously and would like a live consultation, you will receive a $250 credit toward this consultation price.

About Paul

Paul Kurucz

Helping you feel more excited and confident about you move back to Canada is what I do! Over the last 14 years I have advised and supported over 750 individuals and families, answering their questions about returning to Canada, helping them feel their move is under control, and providing resources and contacts they needed. As a former expatriate and parent of children who have lived overseas (one who was born abroad), I "get" how it feels to make the move home - scary and exciting at the same time!

My 25 years as a university business professor and leader has built a foundation of expertise in finances, taxes, cultural adaptation, logistics, and marketing, which I draw on in my work with returning Canadians.

Born and raised in the Toronto area and educated at The University of Western Ontario, I chose an international assignment earlier in my career, teaching and managing for 6-1/2 years in Dubai. Using the opportunity of living abroad, I traveled widely in the world. Having seen so many different aspects of life in Canada and abroad, I can help you ask the right questions so that you can transition easily and smoothly back into life in Canada.

I care that your new life in Canada starts with ease, confidence and joy!


"You are terrific to work with, thank you Paul."

- a happy client - July 2017

"Thank you for your help Paul. I am so grateful for our exchange. Having a coach helps tremendously. It gives me the confidence I was looking for."

- A happy client - July 2017

"Just crossed the border without issue!! Thank you for all your expert advice!!"

- A happy client - June 2017

"Thanks very much for providing some very helpful advice and a sound roadmap that we can follow! It definitely makes a difference!"

- A happy client - June 2017

"I went through Customs pretty quickly and smoothly. Thanks Paul!"

- A happy client - May 2017

"Thanks for your quick responses and useful planning and guide docs."

- A happy client - January 2017

"Thank you for your advice. I feel really good now. :)"

- A happy client - January 2017

"What a relief, thx!"

- A happy client - December 2016

"Thanks for your timely and informed answers."

- A happy client - November 2016

"That was really helpful advice and so succinct. Thank you."

- A happy client - November 2016

"Thank you for you help and I am just so happy that someone like you exists.I was lost but hopefully I have found my way."

- A happy client - November 2016

"Thank you for your prompt reply. This is exactly what I was looking for."

- A happy client - September 2016

"Thanks ever so much for the border crossing/entry/clearing was a breeze thanks to your detailed, smart and right-on advice!!"

- A happy client - June 2016

"I made it through customs with ease. The woman agent I had was friendly and really helpful! Turns out, CA will import your car even if you haven't done the export with US."

- A happy client - May 2016

"Just a quick update. Crossed into Canada Wednesday morning. No issues at all. Border agents just wanted to help. Thank you."

- A happy client - March 2016

"Your inputs throughout this process have been invaluable, both for concrete advice and just plain reassurance."

- A happy client - January 2016

"Just a note to thank you for your input and advice re our move back to Canada after being away for almost 40 years!!! ... We came to [the] CBSA station at Blaine WA and the process was real simple and easy. We had the B-4 paperwork for our household effects to follow plus the two cars and received the stamps. In less than 20 minutes we were on our way to the ferry. Thanks again for all you tips and advice. "

- A happy client - October 2015

"Your web site and resources were very worthwhile and your quick responses to all my questions calmed my nerves. It's not an easy thing to pack up 22 years of living and move 1000 miles north. It takes a lot of planning, research, scheduling, packing and asking a LOT of questions.

So, thanks once again Paul. I'm glad I'm back home with my family and am actually looking forward to my first winter in 22 years !!!!!!!!!!"

- A happy client - August 2015

"Just to update you - we landed and sailed through customs! So thank you so much for all of your advice. Essentially, given we'd itemised and had printouts of every item, including serial numbers, they were overjoyed. Did not even care that valuations were not included (my husband forgot to print up that version).

No questions were asked of our accommodation, job postings, or otherwise. It was a thoroughly pleasant experience (unlike a number I've had coming through as a non-resident...!).

Hopefully we shouldn't have any further queries, but regardless, this is to say thank you for everything. Your advisory has been so incredibly helpful and saved us considerable time and removed room for error."

- A happy client, July 2014

"Thank you for the very thorough and detailed reply to my questions as your response and information is very helpful. I really appreciate you taking the time to write that all out for me. Your point on how Vancouver has just become "bigger" and "complicated" is good to know and definitely we need to check things out and scout out a good area that meets our needs..."

- A happy client, February 2014

"Paul thanks for your help and kindness. I crossed from Washington to bc in about 20 minutes thanks to you and cbsa as if they had their arms open for me..."

- A happy client, May 2013

"Hi Paul! So glad to see your success. I want to help you in any way AS YOU HELPED ME!!!!, or I should say 'us', with so many quick responses to my questions! AGAIN THANK YOU for that....The move back was crazy and your help really guided us..."

- A happy client, November 2012

"Just a quick note of appreciation for the lengthy, informative, and well-detailed email that you wrote me...Thank you for taking the research some stuff for me!"

- A happy client, July 2012.

"We just wanted to say a BIG Thank You for your site and it's excellent advice. We just moved (2 days ago!) from Dublin, Ireland to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Customs officers at the airport were well impressed with our paperwork.

Thank you for your advice. We had everything in order, including our B4 and shipping forms. It was a breeze to go through customs at the airport and then at the Harbour office."

- June 2012. I love these emails and want to earn one from you!

"Can I tell you what a ray of sunshine your site is! And so positive and warm. It makes me feel less threatened by the whole process."

- A happy visitor to this web site, May 2012

"Just want to say that I've found your site extremely helpful in regards to advice for our move.We\'ve been very organized thanks to some great tips from your site, and thankfully so far everything has fit into place without any major hassle--though we haven't left the UK yet!"

- a happy visitor to this web site, November 2012

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