Will you let your fear die?

April 10, 2020: “Good Friday”

Today is a symbolic day of death.

Would you consider letting something die today?

Might you let your fear die?

If you take even just one minute to be really still and look inside yourself you could find something amazing: A part of yourself that is completely and absolutely OK. A spark. A light. A well of OK-ness. A knowingness that “of course I am OK!!”

And in that moment you will learn that your fear has lost. It will die.

“It is already dead!” you might even hear from a voice inside you.

The fear you have been holding is a wonderful gift. It is the stark and clear contrast to the truth inside you of who you are and that you are actually OK. Really, truly, OK.

Warning: The sudden discovery that you are actually OK often comes with a very loud shout of joy. Just letting you know you might wake up the neighbours with that shout. But don’t hold back:

Your shout of joy is exactly what your soul and the whole world needs to hear.

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