Gentle Spirituality

The gentle spiritual path

Spirituality can be perceived as a difficult and challenging discipline with seemingly endless repetition of yoga postures, mantras, prayers, sacrifices of normal aspects of life, and difficult concepts that only a church elder, guru, or enlightened being can understand and teach.

Alternatively, the “lone wolf” approach to spirituality is perceived as a pathway through hell itself to get to a higher consciousness level, free of the pain and suffering by aggressively confronting all of life and internal beliefs through a terribly difficult journey of literally biblical proportions.

Which is why people often don’t even start to walk a more spiritual path in their lives. It is presented to them as an undesirable endeavor to even start, much less walk for the rest of your life.

There is another way.

It is a gentle path.

Yes, it is possible to walk a spiritual path through life in a gentle manner to yourself, to everyone you meet, and to life itself.

To be clear:

Is a gentle path challenging?  Yes.  Is it really, really hard? No!

Is it painful? Yes, at times it is.  Is it suffering?  No! Suffering is optional. You can’t choose pain or no pain, but you can choose to not suffer.  Learn the difference between pain and suffering because pain is really quite bearable. Suffering is not. By definition, suffering is really hellish.

Is it fast?  Yes, actually, “progress” is pretty fast if you are committed to yourself and your journey.  Will I be enlightened” in 2 years?  Probably not.

Is it mind, heart and spirit expanding?  Oh, yes.  Will I be able to do magic and create miracles?  Maybe, but you will be on a different path if these are your goals…and my understanding is that these “goals” are not really going to get you where your soul might want you to go.

Will it get me to a truly peaceful place? Yes. Maybe not as quickly as you might wish, but definitely yes. Will I become a guru? You don’t want to. It is hard work being a guru. People always want what they think you have. Be careful what you wish for!

So, what do I do to walk a gentle spiritual path?

You just started walking the gentle spiritual path, by reading all the way to this point.

Interested in more? Read on, through my non-linear writings here.

The gentle spiritual path is not a linear, process driven one. Instead, it is a fully personalized path…personalized to you, by your higher self, and for you and no-one else.

It is a journey you take yourself, but with special companions beside you, guidance that results in feelings of intense gratitude, and sometimes with challenging people you will meet along the way – people you might learn are some of your best teachers along the path.

The gentle path is a journey of gentle but determined steps of commitment to yourself.

It is a journey into Love of yourself and ultimately results in a state of  “unconditional Love”, that is actually really cool to experience when you first touch into it.

It is a journey that can be tinged with a bit of sadness, because you leave behind so much. Oh, what you “gain” is infinitely worth the price of what you leave behind, but from what I have experienced and others have written about as well, there can be a touch of sadness at never being able to go back to who and what you were.

Walk a gentle spiritual path and enjoy ever-expanding and awe-inspiring vistas of awareness, wider expansion of your mind and spirit then you can possibly imagine, all while you step gently into your innate power and inner peace. This power and peace are ready and waiting inside you to discover and return home to, as soon as you are ready to choose them.