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Quick FTP Trick: A cool way of putting your files onto your web server

A visual tutorial for quickly and easily putting your web pages up on a web server. Internet Explorer, Netscape (Mozilla) or Firefox can be used in this trick to quickly create an ftp connection using your web browser. Then you can simply "drag-and-drop" to copy your files from your local computer into the appropriate folder on your web server (works a bit differently in Mozilla and Firefox). Away from the office? Away from your home computer and need to make a change to your web page? You can use this trick at any Internet cafe or most Internet-connected computers in the world.

Just follow the steps shown the the following annotated screenshots:

The following window then comes up:

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This tutorial © 2004-2005 by Paul Kurucz. Created with Dreamweaver MX and Snag-it, a neat little screenshot capture and annotation software package.