Data, Information, and Knowledge Management Software - "What software should I use?"

 A primer on data, information, and knowledge management software tools

Links - Web sites of software discussed and reviewed in this primer:

Most of these software companies allow you to download an evaluation copy of their software. Evaluation periods are typically 30-60 days. After this period you are required to purchase a copy in order to keep using a software package. Prices of software as noted below are typically very reasonable.

Free Trial Download?
Company URL
Text-based Tools:
Yes - 30 days
Yes - 30 days
£20 (U$40 +/-)
Yes - 60 days
Yes - 30 days
U$17.95 (!)
Yes - 30 days
Info Select
Yes - 45 days
Yes - 30 days
U$149.95 - U$395
Personal Knowbase Yes - 30 days U$39.95
Informaizer Yes - 30 days U$29
MyInfo 2 Yes - 40 days U$34.95
MyBase Yes - 30 days U$55
TreePad Yes - 21 days U$29.95
Texnotes 3.5 Yes - 60 days U$34.95
General Knowledge Base Yes - 30 days U$29.95
Infohandler Yes - 60 days U$74.90
Ultra Recall Yes - 30 days/ 15 uses U$49.00
Visual-based Tools:
The Brain
Yes - 30 days
Yes - 21 days
Yes - 30 days
Yes - 30 days
SmartDraw (drawing)
Yes - 30 days
U$69 - U$198
Snag-it (screen capture) Yes - 30 days U$40
Yes - 30 days
Haystack Yes - Open source ---
FreeMind Yes - Open source ---
Axon Yes - Software limitations U$135
Content Savers:
Yes - 30 days
Scopeware Vision*
No available*
Not available* - OUT OF BUSINESS
Everdesk Yes - 30 days U$59.99
eGems Collector Pro Yes - 30 days U$30
File Finders **      
X1 Yes - 30 days U$74.95 +
dtSearch Yes - 30 days U$199
Wilbur Free Free

WhereIsIt Yes - 14 days U$39.95
Effective File Search Yes - 30 days U$29.95
Deductus Yes - 30 days U$29.95
ExplorerPlus Yes - 30 days U$39.95
Directory Opus Yes - 60 days A$75
Apple / Macintosh Products:
TinderBox Demo only U$145
OmniOutliner Yes - 1 day U$29.95
Idea Keeper Yes - ? U$30 No website could be found - shareware

*Note from Scopeware web site: "To our customers, partners and friends: Mirror Worlds Technologies, Inc. has decided to cease operations effective May 15, 2004. Our products, including Scopeware Vision and NewsWatcher, have been discontinued and are no longer available for download, purchase, or continuing support. Inquiries may be directed to We thank our customers for their interest and support."

** File finders - tools that "google" your hard drive and allow you to find files you are looking for based on some search of the content of the files. For our listing, these tools must search through e-mail, word, excel, and other documents. There are dozens of file finder software tools available. This listing is only a small sample of the currently available and popular tools. Please contact me if you would like to suggest another addition that you use and can recommend. I will add it to our list.


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