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Moving Back to Canada

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Planner / Checklist for your move back to CanadaMoving Back to Canada Planner / Checklist:

"We need to get organized!"

A ready-made, customizable list of action steps for your move back to Canada, organized on a timeline approach. Save time and help ensure you have covered all the actions and steps at the right phases of your move.

Pay with Interac E-Transfer:

Most Canadian banks and credit unions now offer a convenient way to transfer money within Canada: Interac e-Transfer. If you have a Canadian bank account with online banking access and would prefer to pay for the Moving Back to Canada Planner using Interac e-Transfer, please use the email address noted below this Interac e-Transfer logo:

Interac payment option
Note: With this payment method, you will receive the Planner and a bonus guide by email normally within 12 hours of the payment.

Thank you!

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