ESL Teachers, Instructors, and Professors:

Do you want to walk into a diverse classroom and feel confident that you will have a great class today?

Do you want to "prep" your ESL, Business English, BA or MBA courses quickly and easily?

Do you want your students to say they really enjoyed your class today?

Check out these case studies, which can make your prep much easier and help you deliver great class experiences!

These case studies cover the topics of entrepreneurship, business strategy, marketing, operations management, e-commerce, e-business, success orientations, and more. They have been written specifically for English as a second language ("ESL"), Business English, Business bachelor degree (BBA, BCom) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) learners, incorporating the following principles:

  • Shorter cases: ESL learners have varying English language skills. Some cultures are primarily verbal, making reading a difficult exercise for most students from those cultures. These business cases almost all shorter (<6 pages of reading). Each case has enough depth to illustrate a full business situation but not too much information, making the reading of the case too difficult for students. These cases are all in-class and exam use tested and proven effective!!

  • "International English"/ "Global English": The wording in these cases have been substantially normalized to international English. Most cultural cues, sayings, and analogies have been removed to ensure students don't spent too much time getting lost in the text and missing the core business learning problems presented. Specialized terminology is defined in plain English in the text or in a glossary.

  • Wide range of learning styles: Students have different learning styles. Most cases produced for business students are primarily text oriented, which is a strong bias that disadvantages a large number of international students who do not have a text/reading learning style. My cases often include pictures, diagrams, and/or videos, and can even be supplemented in some situations with physical samples to help tactile and kinesthetic learners.

From the Author:



    My name is Paul Kurucz and I am the author of these cases. I have been teaching marketing, strategy, and operations management courses to bachelor and MBA business students for 20 years.

    I wrote these cases because my students - particularly my international students - really struggled to read and understand long and complicated "Ivy League" case studies that were set in completely unfamiliar contexts that the students would likely never experience in their professional lives.

    The problem?

    My students weren't learning the business lessons! They were grinding through the long and complicated languaging, structure and alien context of the cases I was using. Result? They learned that business cases are unfriendly, hard, irrelevant, and boring. As a result, not much learning took place.

    So I decided to write my own cases - cases that would engage all my learners using language and contexts that had some relevance to their lives. Cases that were shorter, easier to read, often including visuals for enhanced comprehension, and delivering very high quality and authentic learning experiences. All my cases are classroom and exam tested, so you know you are getting cases that work.

    These cases are easy to buy and easy to use: Instructor and institution licenses allow you professional use for your entire teaching career!

    Download one today... and teach it today!


    Paul Kurucz

    Business Instructor and Author
    Vancouver Island University
    BC, Canada

    Book by the same author: How To Teach International Students





Consultants, Private Training Schools, ESL and Business English Instructors

These cases are great for contract training, executive workshops, private schools, language teaching, and Business English, too!

The Case Studies:


The Case Studies:


10 reasons to use these cases:

  1. Feel confident in the classroom! - these high quality business cases work really well in the diverse classrooms with international students and domestic students. You can relax and enjoy teaching!

  2. Students will trust you - you are using authentic, clear, high quality, and easier to comprehend teaching materials. What is there not to like?

  3. Shorter in length - this means less reading for ESL and students from verbal cultures. They will still get all the necessary facts and a rigorous case study, but without the excess reading! (Can you say "happy students?")

  4. Global English - more comprehensible to students from other cultures. No more puzzled and uncertain looks from your international students!

  5. Easy to teach - clear and easy to understand, straightforward lessons, engaging, proven, and authentic.

  6. Get rid of plagiarism! - using topical, high quality case studies in exams means that you push students to analyze and construct solutions. They have almost no ability to cheat! How can they, when you are challenging them to individually solve problems and support their solutions with analysis from their own thinking?

  7. "Prep" fast and easy - use these cases to populate your courses with great learning opportunities for your students. Quickly and easily!

  8. Get help teaching the case - do you want to get some more insights and help for teaching a case? Just email the author! You will get the support you need...for free!

  9. Current and relevant cases - most of these cases have been designed to match the current life realities of international ESL, business, and MBA learners. In other words, they don't explore corporate situations that are worlds away from the reality of most students, but about working and living contexts that students will likely have at least seen and heard about recently, giving them an understandable context to build on.

  10. Inexpensive and instant licensing - get these cases right now and without going through complicated institution buying processes! Instructor licenses are for you, the instructor, and are good for your entire teaching career! Use them again and again. Customize them to your needs. Fast, easily, and without tight licensing constraints!


The Case Studies:




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